Truth Arena: The easiest comps to play for newcomers


Truth Arena is the hottest game mode on the League of Legends MOBA game. For new players, building squads in the CCP is really quite complicated, so the following lineups will be one of the very suitable suggestions for new players to invite you to consult.

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dau truong chan ly nhung doi hinh de choi nhat danh cho tan thu 6 - Emergenceingame

Team formation for new players when participating in the Arena of Truth

Formation 6 Cuong Chien

The 6-Rampage roster is incredibly powerful in the meta but pretty easy to play. Buy all the Cuong Chien champions that appear and combine them with the Cat generals will help you have an extremely strong lineup at level 7.

6 Light Squad

We will buy all Light and upgrade champions to 2 stars and combine them with 2 Moon Race. This lineup is easy to play but will be a bit weak in the early game. You can also combine the Nguyet Tribe champions in the early game with ADC or Guardians to improve.

  • Some items can always be grafted at the beginning of the game: Runaan Archery, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Angel Armor, Giant Extermination, Dragon Claw, Demon Book Morello, Hand of Justice.
  • Equip can match situations such as: Red Charm, Shojin Spear, Archangel’s Staff, Redemption Chain, Infinity Sword, Gemstone Gloves, Catechism Gloves, etc.

Gunner / Guardian Formation

The lineup of Guardians and Gunners is also ideal for beginners.

  • Equip Gunner: Statikk Knife, Runaan Runaan Bow, Blue Bow, Infinity Sword, Giant Killing, Angel Armor, Guinsoo’s Rage, Calm Knife, Red buff.
  • Equipment for Guardians: Braum should equip Dragon Claws, Blood Armor and Early Thorns Cloak, Demon Morello, Redemption Chain, Solari Necklace, etc.

The above are three highly rated and easy-to-play squads, so you should consider your options when you start participating in the game of dignity League of Legends.

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