Mini World Block Art: How to protect yourself in the mines

If you’re new to the game, Mini World Block Art, you are probably struggling to find a way to protect yourself in the mines. The following tips will help you mine more safely in the game Mini World: Block Art.

Mining is necessary work when playing Mini World Block Art to have many valuable mineral resources. However, there are also many potential dangers here. You need to learn how to protect yourself if you want to thrive in Mini World’s vast survival world.

How to survive when mining in Mini World: Block Art

After collecting some iron ore in the mines, you can start creating equipment and armor for yourself.

First, create a Smelting Furnace – Smelting Furnace using Toolbox – Toolbox.

How to survive in the mines of Mini World

Next, put the iron ore in the smelter and give the fuel (coal) to melt the iron.

Put items in the iron furnace in Mini World Block Art

In the mines of Mini World: Block Art There are some ferocious monsters. Therefore, you should make iron swords after collecting iron ingots.

Crafting iron swords in Mini World Block Art

Of course, in addition to the iron sword, you need to add a more advanced pickaxe (iron pickaxe) to collect more resources, such as gold, diamonds, lithium.

Crafting protective equipment in Mini World

If you gather enough iron in the beginning, you can make some protective equipment, such as helmets, armor, swords and iron boots to increase your own safety when exploring the vault mine.

Crafting armor in Mini World

That’s it, now you can feel more secure when mining minerals in your mines Mini World: Block Art because there were weapons and armor to protect against monster attacks.

If you know any other Mini World survival tips, please share them with readers!

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