Tips to play Clash Quest for beginners

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Similar to the strategy games Clash of Clans, Brawl Star, Clash Royale … of Supercell, to experience Clash Quest Well you need to know some tips and tricks to play, this allows you to go further, overcome many challenges, collect gold or own more Clash.

The Clash Quest Beta came out earlier this month, but it’s only available in a few countries designated by NPH Supercell. People in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland can experience it normally. If you are not among the above countries and want to experience, please follow the instructions at the link below.

Reference: How to download and play Clash Quest game in all countries

Catwalk clash quest for all beginners

Guide to playing Clash Quest for newbies

Top 5 Clash Quest tips for newbies

1. Upgrade your army
– In Clash Quest, you should upgrade your army to deal more damage to defensive units, most of us lose the battle because the attack unit is too weak (not enough level). The higher your army level is, the greater the damage you will inflict, helping you win in Clash Quest. So save money and upgrade your army like Barb, Giant, Archer … in Clash Quest to high as soon as possible.

Catwalk Clash Quest for Beginners 2

2. Use Spell, effective spells
– Spells, they play a very important role in your Clash Quest battles. You should use your fireball where there are many defensive huts arranged close together, Fireball deals damage to a 3×3 area. Always try to get maximum value when using Fireball spell.

3. Use your army properly
– You should use your troops correctly in Clash Quest clashes, don’t waste your troops in a meaningless way. There is a feature in Clash Quest that will help you to improve your game. Every time you choose troops in battles, that feature will tell you how much damage your troops will inflict on the enemy. Don’t use single pieces, always try to combine units and you can see in the picture below.

Catapults Clash Quest for Beginners 3

– Touch your troops and you can see the damage of your troops, if the skull icon shows up next to the enemy’s huts, it means your troops will take down that hut, a nice feature in Little-known Clash Quest.

4. Unlock Ranking feature
– You can Unlock the Leaderboard feature after collecting 70 stars, you will play 7-day Battle Seasons with 29 other Clash Quest players. After each Season, you may move to a higher or lower league based on your performance in that season.

– Every day, you will fight your way through Game Mode, by trying to beat many consecutive screens. For each stage you can select units or spells in the Draft. As soon as you pass all levels, the challenge will end.

5. Get a free reward from the Shop
– Don’t forget to collect free rewards from the store, you can get gold, diamonds, troop upgrade cards … and free tokens, they are used to play battles when you run out of energy.

Catapults Clash Quest for Beginners 4
Thank you for reading our 5 Tips to Play Clash Quest for Beginners, all questions, comments and reviews are welcome in the comments below. Don’t forget to Like & Share for everyone so they can play Clash Quest like you.

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