How to get armor in Mega Man X8

Megaman x8 2 - Emergenceingame

Megaman X8 is the latest version and also one of the most successful products produced by CAPCOM. In the game, you will transform into a robot hero, protecting earth peace. And in this article we will learn how to get armor for the brave robot guy!

Mega man X8

The screen starts the game

In Megaman X8, players will start with 3 main characters are X, Zero, Axl with 4 assistants Signas, Alia, Layer and Pallette. In each level, you will be able to choose 2 main characters and an assistant to complete the task. The two main characters will take turns acting in each specific case, try to take advantage of the strengths of each character in combat. You should also receive information from your assistants, it will be most useful when you come to a new level, never played before.

Armor in the game plays a very important role, it not only protects the character but also supports the robot to create special powers.

Multiply X will have two suits of armor Icarus Armor (red) and Hermes Armor (blue)Each set consists of four parts: Head, Body, Leg and Buster.

Instructions to get the Icarus Armor:

Functions of sets Icarus Armor:

  • Head section of Icarus Armor: Helps you attack straight up by teaming up
  • Body Part: Will retain all the lost blood, and easily restore it
  • Section Buster: An energetic accumulator will shoot out a large laser beam
  • Part Leg: Support higher jump
  • Wear a full set will help with a new move on the button Special Weapon

How to get the Icarus Armor:

Part Head Icarus: To find the Head of Icarus, you have to play the level Primrose. When entering a room with countless squares and 2 green buttons, repeatedly press the weight change button so that the square blocks fill the tunnel. Dlike X into the Teleport circle and it will give the machine that provides icarus head, ism once again for a box to fall again and use Zero’s double jump to jump on the portal to get to the Icarus Helmet.

Megaman X8

Icarus Body: To find the body of Icarus, you play in the level Metal Valey. After defeating the robot, look below there is a door blocked by several gas tanks, use fire to break and get the item (see picture).

Mega man X8

Break the boxes above to get items

Icarus Buster: You will find the Buster part of the Icarus set in the level Noah’s Ark. Go back to this level with X and zero (Pallette as instructor), then go to a room that Palletee says has just opened (as shown in the picture below), go there and let X come close to the small machine to meet the teacher. The monk spoke and then got into the machine to pick up the Icarus Buster.

Mega man X8

Icarus Leg: Find Icarus’ leg in Bosster Foress. You go to a large room with a very large tree, use a robot and jump high to the left, then air-dash. When you get close to the other side, jump off the robot to get the item. This level should be done with Zero because there is a double jump, Axl can also fly and airdash but it is harder.

Mega man X8

Use a robot to take you to jump over the edge

Mega man X8

Exit the robot and get the item

So you have taken 3 parts of It’s Icarus!

Instructions for getting the Hermes Armor set:

Functions of sets Hermes Armor:

  • Section Head: Helps to recharge faster
  • Body Part: Armor increased to reduce blood loss
  • Section Buster: A full energy charge will fire three shots in three directions
  • Part Leg: Invisible when sliding
  • Wear a full set will keep X from losing blood for a while

How to get the Hermes Armor:

Head part of Hermes: Search in screen Central White, after racing … Use Zero to double jump on the area above the gate to see the ice blocks the entrance containing the item. At this point, use Zero or X to deploy Sunflower’s weapon to break the ice, then switch to X to get the Head.

Mega man X8

Use ice-breaking weapons to get items

Hermes Body: To get Hermes’ body, you must look in the curtain Pitch Black. When you reach an elevator, there will be lasers shot horizontally, climb to the top of the stairs, you will discover the entrance to this item.

Mega man X8

Pay attention to the last staircase in the 3 stairs of this level

Mega man X8

Climb at the top of the stairs to find a path, go straight in and get the item

Hermes Buster: To find the buster part of the Hermes set you have to go to the curtain Troia Base to a room that appears between the 4th and 5th challenge, or the room that Pallete directs. Pay attention to your assistant Pallete’s reminder. Instead of going to the door, jump back and you’ll see a blue glass wall, use Squeeze bombs (weapon taken from Gravity Atonion) to break the glass, then let X go in to get the item.

Mega man X8

Don’t go out the door but jump back, to the blue glass door

Mega man X8

Shoot the broken glass and get the item (under the red arrow)

Hermes Leg: You will find Hermes’ legs in the curtain Inferno. There will be a wall to climb down, go back up, you will see a wall leading to this item.

Mega man X8

You need to pay attention to the sharp spikes, if possible, equip the Prickle Barrier – a tool that helps you preserve your life when jumping on a cliff. So You have already taken the entire Hermes.

Players can consult and download other versions of the Mega Man X here. Wish all gamers success and have fun playing the game!

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