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My Talking Angela is a fun, free virtual cat game for mobile devices. If you have ever played My Talking Tom, you will certainly not have any trouble adopting a female cat. However, the cat Angela is a little different like having a sticker collection and some other features such as makeup and some accessories similar to the girlfriend game.

If you have a passion for cats, you will definitely want your cat to grow and look its best to show off to friends on Facebook. Today, will guide you how to raise a big cat like blowing.

First you need to be sure to download My Talking Angela on your phone or update to the latest version to access the full content!

>>> Download My Talking Angela for iOS

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>>> Download My Talking Angela for Android

1. First, buying equipment can multiply exp

If you pay attention when making a purchase, some items have an asterisk and a plus symbol (see picture below). These items will help you increase exp to exponentially.

Tips to level up fast in My Talking Angela

Initially you can buy cheap items, low experience multiplier, but play patiently to earn more gold and buy more advanced items. Make sure the cat will grow up very quickly! I bought some cat decorations and outfits and the experience gain was raised to 6%.

My Talking angela My Talking angela

2. Take care of cats and play mini games with Talking Angela

Caring for a cat also helps to increase the experience. In addition, play mini games to increase the cat’s stats “fun” at the same time get a lot of gold. To play mini game, you click on the smiley icon at the bottom left corner of the screen, click on the icon of the game console.

my talking angelamy talking angela playing gameMy talking angela

Here, you can choose to play:

  • Happy Face: This game is similar to the match-3 genre (match 3 similar objects), you can connect 3 or more smiley faces to make them disappear from the screen. In some levels you need to clear all black faces on the screen within a limited number of moves.
  • Shoot the ball: With this game, you can earn a decent amount of money in just 10-15 minutes of gaming.
  • Break bricks: This game is considered to be quite difficult, you only have 3 lives per game. To earn a lot of gold in this game is also quite difficult.
  • Tiny Puzzles: You are provided with some patterns like in the game Tetris. But you need to stack that number of tiles to fit the square or rectangle that the game provides for a given time. The more difficulty you play the game, the shorter the game time will be.

3. Unlock items with Sticker to save gold money

Stickers are collected when you level up. When collecting the required sticker set. You can unlock free items. For example, to unlock eyeliner for cat Angela you need low collection of stickers number 51, 52, 53. You can purchase additional stickers in diamond sticker packs (real payment). However, if you do not want to spend, you can make sticker changes for your friends, who play My Talking Angela on Facebook or you randomly.

Click the sticker collection icon at Angela’s playground. Click on the Sticker swap icon (circled in red).

My Talking Angela

Please log in to Facebook to see your friends together My Talking Angela and what kind of Sticker they can change for you. Here, you will see a lot of stickers repeated by players (they do not need to use), you can buy stickers with gold coins in the game. In addition, you can also see stickers of random friends around the world.

my talking angelamy talking angela

Above is the quick guide Talking Angela cat, hopefully the article can help you learn how to play the game most effectively.

Wish you have fun moments of entertainment with the cute cat Angela!

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