Tips to limit spam emails in Gmail, Yahoo mail

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When using email, do you feel uncomfortable when there are many strange emails sent to you? To get rid of these Spam Emails, we can refer to 6 simple tips to limit spam emails below.

With the development of the internet, registering for gmail is too simple, but email spam has become more common. Surely everyone in his mailbox also has a lot of promotional emails, introducing services from unknown individuals and organizations. Please refer to 6 tips to limit spam problem that we provide below.

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Tips to limit spam emails in Gmail, Yahoo mail

1. Don’t share your email publicly

Do you often join services such as online dating, low interest installments? Congratulations, you have become one of the unfortunate victims of email collection. To avoid spam spam, it is best not to leave emails on websites of unknown origin.

2. Do not access links marked as spam

Usually when you click Unsubscribe you will unsubscribe, but in some cases, your email will be sent directly to the list of emails for sale. So, when the mail is in the spam mailbox, do not click on any links in it, including Unsubscribe.

3. Do not use email addresses starting with admin or webmaster

When registering for gmail for the website, limit the use of email addresses in the form [email protected] nice [email protected] because they are often used in the domain name collection list and prefixed with [email protected] nice [email protected]

4. Don’t use webhost’s default email provider

Webhosts usually support one or more emails for external communication. Mail will default to the domain. If the website allows administrators to have more than 1 mailbox, create another mailbox to store important information. All “quality” mail will be sent there.

5. Use Filters in Emails

In Outlook, there is a feature to block spam emails, especially Microsoft Junk E-mail Filter, in addition to Junk E-mail Filter, Safe Senders List, List of Recipients, Blocked Senders List, Automatic Update. You should use these filters to get rid of today’s raging email spam.

6. Create separate Rule according to user needs

This tip is very simple and easy to do. Create a Rule for the sender address when logging into gmail. This way, you can control mail from the outside. Strange mail will automatically be moved directly to the Junk folder instead of the usual inbox.
With these 6 simple tips will hopefully help you minimize the amount of spam in your email address. In addition, we also show how block spam in gmail. If interested, please drop by for reference.

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