PUBG exposed images of some 2018 Christmas skins

PUBG shooter recently revealed some images related to Christmas 2018. Those are character skins and gun skins with Noel style, extremely attractive and beautiful.

Although it is a long time before Noel, but it seems Bluehole wants to bring joy to PUBG players soon, images of a PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Christmas version soon appeared along with it was the opening of the new map launch time – Vikendi.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

Skill gloves and Noel scarf in PUBG

The skins that will appear this time are Christmas accessories and accessories such as gloves, scarves, hats or reindeer masks.

Reindeer hats and masks in PUBG

The Christmas-style skin is present in the upcoming PUBG version

Christmas jacket in PUBG

From the traditional colors of this festival, to the unique, specially designed outfits that bring an early Christmas atmosphere.

Hooded shirt and pants in PUBG Christmas sin version

The clothes with unique design

Goblin shoes will be one of the favorite skins this Christmas season

Jacket in PUBG Noel event

In addition to character costumes, this time PUBG also added 2 new eye-catching gun skins, which are the two most powerful and powerful snipers in this survival game – Kar98k and VSS.

SLR gun with new skin

These are only early images, it is not clear in the future whether the company will continue to add this Christmas atmosphere to any PUBG features or weapons, but this is obviously good news soon. player in this shooting role-playing game.

Gun skin aim in PUBG

Ultimate skin for Kar98k and VSS

Besides, also in this December, players also receive another good news, which is the snow map Vikendi. Previously, some information about this map was released at the E3 game event, but until now, this map will be officially released on the server and likely to be updated immediately. This Christmas season.

What’s more wonderful than just playing a map full of white snow, dressed in Christmas costumes and with friends “fighting” in these cold days.

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