Instructions to increase FPS PUBG Mobile

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There are many ways to increase FPS PUBG Mobile to help players get the best experience when playing this game. And if you are in need of increasing PUBG Mobile FPS, then the following guide is the correct choice for you.

PUBG Mobile itself is much lighter than PUBG PC, but on mobile it is also a game with quite high graphics that mid-range phones can hardly conquer and play smoothly. However, there are Simple and effective ways to increase PUBG Mobile FPS right in the game that users accidentally ignore without knowing.

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In this article, will help readers overcome the above problem with instructions to increase FPS PUBG Mobile.

What is FPS?

FPS is an acronym for Frame Per Secondmean display frames per second. You can understand that the more moving frames our eyes can see in 1 second, the smoother the image will be. That is, the higher the FPS, the smoother the game will be, and there will be no annoying frame jerking.

How to increase FPS PUBG Mobile

Step 1: Basically to increase FPS PUBG Mobile we will set up in PUBG Mobile so that it is reasonable for your system. First tap on the . icon Settings below the PUBG Mobile interface.

pubg mobile 2 fps

Step 2: In the Graphics section, please pay attention to the setting to Smooth is the smoothest, if the device has a higher configuration, it is recommended to let Balanced.

– In addition, the lower part is the Frame Rate, you should not set it too high, but only to the level the device can reach. This will increase PUBG Mobile FPS and smooth new PUBG Mobile experience.

pubg mobile 3 fps

A part that few people notice when playing PUBG Mobile is the htnogs Auto-adjust graphic system that allows automatically setting the most appropriate configuration, for low-configuration machines that really need to activate this feature.

pubg mobile 4 fps fps

To increase FPS PUBG Mobile sometimes we will have to fight the team with the graphics in the game itself. That is essential if you want to play PUBG Mobile smoothly.

pubg mobile 5 fps fps

Play PUBG Mobile on PC

Playing PUBG Mobile on PC, laptop is the most effective way to “increase PUBG Mobile FPS”, the basic condition that you need is just a computer, laptop with mid-range configuration to be able to play PUBG Mobile on PC. okay, because the Android emulator Bluestacks is 7 times more powerful than today’s high-end phones and only needs a computer with mid-range configuration. Readers can refer to how Play PUBG Mobile on PC here and follow the instructions for details how to increase FPS PUBG Mobile.

Above is a guide to increase PUBG Mobile FPS, with how to increase PUBG Mobile FPS a lot will help users reduce frustration when not fully enjoying PUBG Mobile. In addition, choosing to play PUBG Mobile on a computer is also an option that we think is quite good and suitable for those who have a computer. So why not try playing PUBG Mobile on your computer instead of playing on a tiny smartphone.

Increasing game FPS is always a problem, but not only mobile games like PUBG Mobile are needed, but even PC games need to increase game FPS to get the best experience, but increasing FPS games is still a problem. Depends a lot on the hardware, the optimization is too dependent on the publisher.
If you are also playing the game Arena of Valor, please refer to how increase FPS Arena of Valor Here Taimienphi shared.

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