Tips to get items, equip Tactics Arena

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In the legendary League of Legends Arena, equipment items play an extremely important role in the path to victory. However, there are 35 types of items players can use and here are the best ways you can get items and equipment in the Arena of Truth.

Our guide below is intended to help you earn items and their combinations. A good way to improve your chances of winning is to keep the Teamfight Tactics cheat sheet open while playing. That way, you can always quickly find the right gear for your champion.


Tips to get items, equip Tactics Arena

In Teamfight Tactics, you can get items in two different ways. One is via a carousel, where you and your opponent can choose random items from 10 champions. You can enter the carousel at the start of the game and again at each subsequent stage of the game.

The second way to obtain items is by fighting neutral monsters. During the game Tactics Arena, you have to face a number of neutral monsters. Normally you have to fight the minions for 3 rounds every time the match is started. Items dropped from neutral monsters are completely random and have no arrangement at all, but this could change when patch 9.14 lands on regional servers.


After waves of Minions, you will face neutral monsters represented on Summoner’s Rift. Each wave of monsters in the Teamfight Tactics can give you many items. The neutral monsters that drop the most gear items a player can earn are the Angry Chickens, potentially up to 5 starter items.

Teamfight Tactics Map

As mentioned before, with 35 items available for players to combine at this point, things can get pretty complicated if you don’t remember all the matching recipes. So, using the above cheat sheet, created by Tactics game lovers, you can check it out anytime you need.


One way to improve League of Legends players’ chances of winning is to think about what items to match or craft when they’re about to enter the carousel game. Sometimes you’ll want to give up a stronger champion, for item completion instead, and get you closer to the champion title.
Above are some tips for players to earn items and equipment in the Teamfight Tactics, help you craft or match equipment for champions faster, get closer to the championship. Gold is also a very important thing in the game, to win you need to devise reasonable tactics, optimal gold Arena of Truth to gain an advantage over competitors.

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