Chess Rush tips and strategies for newbies

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Chess Rush is a brand new game from Tencent with original gameplay similar to Auto Chess currently popular on mobile and PC, in this article we will give you some tips and tricks to help you out. start Tencent’s Chess Rush.

No matter how complicated these games are, there are some methods or ways of playing that will get you off to a good start, that should be enough to keep you from completely losing the first few matches of the game. .

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How to play Chess Rush for newbies

– Link to download Android version: Chess Rush for Android
– Link to download iOS version: Chess Rush for iPhone

Chess Rush tips and strategies for beginners

1. How does Chess Rush work?

If you’ve played a game of the Auto Chess genre before, you know exactly how Chess Rush works because the operation is not much different. Otherwise, this will be a game with quick failures.

You play with seven other players every time the game starts, each round you get the chance to spend some money to buy new heroes, which you can then put them down on the board. The time to do this is very little, so try not to spend too much on it.

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The basic premise is, you build an effective squad, pair the heroes into a directional formation – tanks in front, buffs in the back, core damage somewhere in between – and then Watch the matches unfold. You also need to pay attention to the perks that you can get by pairing up heroes of the same race and class, increasing hero stars by buying more units like that.

2. Play a few matches to feel it

Before you think about strategy and all that stuff, just go into the game and play a few matches. Chess Rush, like all other Auto Chess games, is a complex and simple system where you won’t become a master after the first game – or, indeed, the first few games. So we recommend playing only a few games to get a real sense of it. Try buying different heroes, combinations and races. Unlock a variety of perks, collect, and equip characters. Get a feel for the way you play and maybe you’ll develop a style that’s unique to you.

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3. Browse the hero list to identify class and race

Once you feel more familiar with the game and its mechanics, we recommend hitting the ‘Heroes’ button at the bottom left of the Main Menu screen and glancing through them. Touch their skill, race, class and price, read through everything. See what works for your style of play and start picking your favorite heroes and races. Maybe you want to use a formation of 6 warriors (Warriors) or 6 humans (Human), or mix a lot.

4. Equip all collected items

During certain rounds of Chess Rush, you’ll be fighting PvE opponents instead of PvP. Usually, these enemies will drop gear that you can equip your heroes to increase their stats. Just tap the inventory on the right side of the screen, tap an piece of equipment, and then move onto the hero you want to equip. Make sure your equipping those heroes really works, instead of wasting it needlessly on a hero just sitting on the bench.

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5. Prioritize using squads

When you start to learn the game, it is recommended to use the recommended heroes and formations. You can find these from the Menu when you buy heroes in battle. Just tap “Recommended Lineup”, then browse through the list of hero combinations and lineups, which lineup is right for you.
Above are some tips and strategies to play Chess Rush for newbies that we have collected during the experience, hopefully with the above article to help you have a better game approach to the Auto Chess game genre. this. Dota Underlords is also an Auto Chess game Dota Underlords lineup selection To win is also extremely important, you need to accurately calculate the buffs you have to get an advantage over the opponent.

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