Tips to earn free diamonds in the game Throne Rush

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Throne Rush is a top-notch real-time strategy game on Facebook that is attracting a lot of players and is also storming on two famous mobile platforms iOS and Android. If you are a fan of strategy games, you should not miss this game!

Participating in the game, you will both have to build a base rich in resources, have to focus on building a solid defense system, as well as have to wage offensive wars on other countries. neighbours. Because of that, it has created a not-so-light appeal for this strategy game. Also through the game Throne Rush that you have the opportunity to conquer the ancient European castles, merge the lands divided by other players of the land of Adergran to become a hero in the eyes of the people here.

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In the game Throne Rush players are only allowed to use two main resources, gold and food, to build their fortress, but to speed up the process of building or buying special items, you need diamonds (Gems). ). It can be said that Gem helps you develop very quickly, but how to earn free Gem is probably not everyone has experience. Please refer to some tips to earn free Gems in the article below to quickly build your own majestic empire in the game Throne Rush.

Tips to earn free diamonds in Throne Rush game:

1. Execution of tasks Blue Crystal

To earn free diamonds, please do the quest Blue Crystal Appears in the middle right corner of the screen, blue crystal shape. Then follow the instructions in the game to the step of inviting friends. If you want to quickly create 3 new Facebook accounts to agree to make friends (if you do not know how to create a Facebook account, you can refer to the instructions). here).

Tips to earn free diamonds in the game Throne Rush

Continue to play and play the map according to the requirements of the game until you meet the requirements, then click Blue Gem A list of friends will appear on Facebook, click on the account you just created to give Blue Gem, when you give all 3 you will receive it immediately. 100 Gems. So you already own 100 diamonds in your hand easily.

2. Battle Arena to earn diamonds

When you beat other players you will get points morale, corresponding to each level will be rewarded with a different number of diamonds as follows:

  • 100 morale will get 20 Gem.
  • 500 morale will get 100 Gem.
  • 1000 morale will get 200 Gem.
  • 2000 morale will get 500 Gem.

The maximum number of diamonds you can get when participating in the Arena battle is up to 2000 Gem, but to reach this milestone is very difficult. But just work hard to fight Arena, accumulate morale points, you will have the opportunity to own free diamonds.

Tips to earn free diamonds in the game Throne Rush

3. Earn gems by phone

When you start playing the game Throne Rush, please play on mobile devices, complete the instructions to also earn a significant amount of Gem, in the early levels the player will be favored by the game for free Gem. , The amount of Gem depends on each task you participate in as well as the time to complete them!

The number of Gems earned is enough to buy about 3 construction teams and 2 generals. Then, sync your account and continue playing on Facebook.

4. Slow to level up

When you first play it is easy to earn free diamonds, so if you want to earn a lot of diamonds, level up slowly, only build defense houses, nHa barracks spawn soldiers, headquarters increase the number of soldiers, forge upgrade soldiers, when the storage capacity is not enough to store resources, then upgrade the Treasury to store gold, upgrade defense buildings and Barn to store meat, upgrade buildings attack, soldier. After upgrading all the houses and huts, upgrade the Castle to increase the limit of new buildings and buildings.

Tips to earn free diamonds in the game Throne Rush

Because at low level, strong defense and attack can earn more than 1000 morale, converting to diamonds is also 200 Gem. So you can buy 4 construction teams and 2 generals. It’s great, isn’t it?

Hope the above article will help gamers earn a lot of Gems for free, to quickly conquer the game Throne Rush success! In addition, if you want to play empire games on your computer, you can refer to some of the following titles: Elite Forces: Warfare, Empire of the Galaldur, Knight Elite

Have fun playing the game!

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