TCL season 4: Top formations that are strong but few players

In Truth arena season 4There are many different compositions that players can use and create creativity in every game. And in the following article, will sum up for you some very strong lineups, but quite a few players recently.

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TCL season 4: Top formations that are very strong but few players

Vanguard Lineup – Mystery

The first to mention in the list is the Pioneer – Mystery squad. Actually this is not a little-known lineup, but quite a few gamers use. The reason for this may be that the player does not want to use a defense-oriented formation, and the damage is mainly based on 1 champion (Ahri).

Players can reach the power of 4 Vampires – 4 Mysteries or 6 Mysteries – 2, 3 Pioneers depending on elixir and golden shovel. Once you have enough generals, this will be one of the most aggressive formations in the game. The task of the generals just need to tank Ahri to accumulate mana and “boom”, the enemy team will fly color without understanding what happened. Of course you also need Ahri AP equipment.

Team 4 Enchanted

The enchantment is a clan that is almost least played in the CCP. However, this clan is really strong. With the reduction of attack damage up to 80% at milestone 4 of Enchantment, formations that favor attack damage such as Duel, Marksmanship …

In addition, with only 3 enchantments (If you have a spirit) is enough to maximize the effect, players will also easily pair with other races such as Enlightenment, Gods, Moon Race .. .

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Squad Soul – Marksman

The Mark of the Gun lineup with 4 or 6 champions is the choice of many players. And usually will combine with the Guardian or the Pioneer to be a tanker. However, quite a few players know or use Souls combination.

The skill power that the Soul General brings will increase Jhin’s attack damage on the 4th shot by a lot. In addition, this is also a lineup with an even amount of items, players will have less difficulty when given discrete items.

Good luck!

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