Top 5 easiest Free Fire weapons to use

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Similar to stats, each weapon in Free Fire There are different levels of difficulty in usage. There are quite a few guns that are not as difficult to use as you might think and here are the top 5 easiest guns to use in Free Fire that you need to know.

The weapon system is perhaps the most important element of all shooters, and Free Fire is no exception. All guns in the game are unique and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. However, some are really easy to use while others require skill. In this article, we will learn together about the 5 easiest guns to use in Free Fire.

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List of easiest weapons to use in Garena Free Fire

Top 5 easiest Free Fire weapons to use

5. MP40

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The MP40 is the last member of the SMG class. It has the highest fire rate of any weapon in Free Fire. In return it is one of the lowest ranged guns in the game. Using this gun, you can fire extremely fast to damage nearby enemies. Because of its relatively low recoil and high rate of fire, you can simply discharge at close range without having to aim much.

4. M4A1

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The M4A1 is the highest range AR gun in the game. Along with great accuracy and the ability to equip all kinds of accessories, the fully equipped M4A1 is the best gun to use in the last round and it is also a great choice for new players. .

3. UMP

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The UMP is the only SMG with armor penetration with a score of 64. That means the UMP is the most damaging weapon in the SMG class, penetrating more than 65% of an enemy’s armor when hit. If you already use UMP, stick with it and retrofit accessories if possible.

2. XM8

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XM8 is a better version of SCAR, with high stats on everything, from damage to fire rate and range, even the movement speed when holding the XM8 is extremely good. However, you will have to stick with the built-in X2 scope on the gun.

1. Groza

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There’s a reason Groza is called a tame weapon. After all this time, it is still the best weapon in Free Fire. Groza can only be purchased through Airdrop. It has quite a few things – high damage, high range, high stability, ability to equip all accessories… Overall, if you get the Groza from your Airdrop, your chances of survival you will grow exponentially.

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The article has shared with you the 5 easiest guns to use in Free Fire. In your opinion, are the names mentioned above in this list appropriate or not? In addition, you can also refer to the top most powerful Free Fire guns here to choose from.

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