Tips to avoid bullets in the game Raid most effectively

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What is an effective bullet avoidance tip when playing Raid when accidentally falling into a loophole situation? The following article will answer this question for you.

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Tips to avoid bullets effectively when playing Raid

Sometimes you will find yourself in a situation where you don’t have a place to hide when fighting in the game Raid, this can be due to your mistake in movement, but it can also be a reluctant choice that you are forced to make. Either way, this choice has put you in a dangerous situation with dozens of guns pointed at you, so is there any way for you to survive?

The answer is “Yes”, for a game like Raid, you can absolutely do it, but you need to remember, nothing comes by accident without practice and techniques. Avoiding bullets below are all difficult techniques that need persistent practice. Here, taimienphi would like to point out some effective bullet avoidance tips when playing Raid, to give you a chance to survive in dangerous situations.


Bunny Hop or Bhop is a jumping technique that first appeared in the game Counter Strike and has now become a popular dance technique in many shooting games. Understandably, this technique will help you jump continuously like the way a rabbit moves, helping you move much faster than when moving normally, not to mention constantly jumping to the left and right. you become a moving target, making it difficult for the enemy to judge the direction of movement, let alone be able to aim accurately.

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With Bunny Hop, players can move very fast

How to do Bunny Hop is quite simple, while moving you turn your face slightly to one side, for example left, right then press the jump key and immediately press D and rotate the mouse to the right until you touch the ground, immediately press the jump key and then press the A key and turn your face to the left. Repeat continuously until you want to stop, you have successfully performed the Bunny Hop dance technique.

The way to do it sounds simple, but to master this technique, you need to go through an extremely persistent, persistent and continuous practice every day. Of course, no one suddenly wants to be able to dodge bullets from dozens of gun muzzles pointed at them, if you want to survive, you have no choice but to practice. Do not be discouraged because once you have mastered Bunny Hop, you will have many advantages from dodging bullets, running away to the ability to take positions faster than the enemy.


Snap or Quickscope is a quick aiming technique applied to sniper rifles like Barret, AWM … So why use a shooting technique to dodge bullets? Understandably, your opponent won’t be able to shoot you if he dies before he can. Users of Snap technique usually will not aim for too long, they almost only turn on the mind for a moment less than 1 second and immediately pull the trigger to kill the opponent, if you are a newbie, you will almost did not perceive that the user of this technique had turned his mind to aim.

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Assume that the center point of the circle is the target for practice

To use this technique, players need to have a relatively long game time, enough for them to understand the mechanics and feel the shooting situations, reflexes have also been significantly improved. Then create a playroom by yourself, find an object whose width is equivalent to the size of the character in the game. Take that as a target and start practicing standing still in one position, the average distance from the target, aiming straight at the target and then turning off the reticle then slightly turning the mouse to the side, quickly turning the mouse to the target Initially, when you feel the target is in the center of the gun, immediately turn on the aim button and press the fire button, these two movements are only less than 1 second apart. Check your shot to see if it hit the target and then keep practicing until you become more proficient, improve the exercise by standing further away, rotating the mouse more off-target and even practicing appear during the move.

The sniper rifles in the game will not have the center of the screen like other guns, but Raid has a mechanism that shows the character’s name in front of him when that character is in the center of the gun, if fast enough you are completely can finish off the opponent as soon as he sees the character’s name. You can also use the trick of taking a marker to draw on the center of the screen a fake reticle, but this will make you dependent, and the skill will not improve at all. Play the game to your full potential.


As mentioned above, no trick will work if you do nothing. There will be no miracles that will suddenly appear to save you unless the opponent shoots too badly. If you encounter an opponent that is too pro, you will have no chance of survival and if you do not change, do not want to improve, do not want to spend time practicing, the only way is to endure. just wait to die.

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In situations like this, just follow the effective bullet avoidance Tips when playing Raid

Therefore, taimienphi proposes to you 2 effective bullet avoidance tips when playing Raid, in the hope that you will spend your time and effort to practice, wish you fast progress and become a formidable gunner in the game. Assault. Besides, you can refer to increase FPS when playing Raid game here.
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