Tips for playing One Punch Man: The Strongest

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One Punch Man: The Strongest is a very cool turn-based battle RPG game on mobile. Let’s learn some Tips for playing One Punch Man The Strongest better!

Tips to play One Punch Man The Strongest for beginners

One Punch Man: The Strongest is an officially licensed game, based on the superhero anime and manga series One Punch Hero, including typical characters such as Saitama, Genos…

One Punch Man: The Strongest has had more than 5 million downloads and stays true to the original by faithfully recreating the entire world of One Punch Man with opponents from outer space. Many iconic scenes from the anime have been beautifully recreated in the game.

If you are also interested in this bald-headed hero, please join for some reference Tips for playing One Punch Man The Strongest for the beginners!

Tips for playing One Punch Man: The Strongest

Build the right squad

Build the right battle formation in One Punch Man The Strongest

One Punch Man: The Strongest has 5 powerful factions, including Heroes – Heroes, Martial Artists – Fighters, Monsters – Monsters, Outlaws – Bandits, the Other – Other armies. They are divided into 2 main groups: Good and Evil, in which, martial artists can belong to both factions.

Basically, you need to build a balanced team. To do that, you should choose both good and bad characters. Don’t just pick one side as it can seriously disrupt the overall integrity of the squad.

You need to have at least 6 good characters and 6 evil characters. One trick you need to know is that you don’t use all the coupons at once. If you recruit all 10 characters at once with a coupon, you will get a free SSR character. You should rename the game if you are not satisfied with the progress of the character.

Quick deployment and automatic combat

You should use the Quick Deploy and Auto-Battle features because they can help you easily win quickly.

In general, you can use both of these features to get through the initial levels of the campaign and story mode. As One Punch Man The Strongest gets harder and harder, you need to upgrade, recruit characters and earn more Saitama Talents.

Deploy automatic combat in One Punch Man The Strongest

Don’t just focus on character upgrades

In almost every game, you’re usually advised to upgrade your character, but that’s not true for One Punch Man The Strongest. Since this is a hero collecting game, you need a lot of resources to upgrade your characters and they are quite hard to find. Therefore, try to save resources, for stronger characters later in the game.

Recruiting heroes is quite an expensive way. To recruit more characters, you need to upgrade the voucher. They are hard to find but you can go to the store to buy them.

Complete daily quests

Completing the story mode in One Punch Man: The Strongest isn’t easy. If you’re stuck on a quest, maybe it’s time to do the Side Quest. As soon as you log in to the game, you can receive 5 tasks from the participating guild, totaling about 19 tasks to do each day. Try to complete them to power up your character with the Elite Voucher you get every day.

In addition, if you collect all the daily quest rewards, your growth path in One Punch Man: The Strongest will be extremely stable and easily defeat your opponents in the arena or PvP mode to climb up the position. top in the rankings.

While playing daily quests can be boring, it’s part of One Punch Man: The Strongest. You can complete Story mode quests much faster by completing side quests and focusing on trying to improve your clan rank as much as you can.

How to play One Punch Man The Strongest

Choose the right character

As mentioned above, you should choose a character that creates a balance for the squad. Of course, no lineup is perfect all the time. Never rely solely on battle ratings or strength to determine the tempo of a game, but instead consider a character’s specific buffs and nerfs to suit the current situation and lineup. at of the battle.

For example, in the anime One Punch Man, Mumen Rider isn’t exactly the best character. However, he has the best skill in the game with the skill Roar of Justice. This skill can power up an ally when it’s his turn, making him move faster and cast moves earlier.

Combining Mumen Rider with a character like Dark Matter Thief can help you kill opponents quickly and easily. Skills like Dark Matter Missile, allow him to attack the entire enemy team at once. When combined with Mumen Rider’s Roar of Justice, you will deal massive damage to opponents.

As you can see, the coordination of the character’s strength is extremely important, so choose a squad member that suits your playstyle and strategy!

Here are some Tips for playing One Punch Man The Strongest for beginners. Hope the article helps you know how to play One Punch Man The Strongest better.

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