How to earn Legends cards in FIFA Online 3 game

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Legends is a collection of cards featuring feverish and popular European football legends play FO3 hunted hard for the past time. Especially when the card set World Legend is no longer attractive when it is widely sold in the transfer market.

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Buy cards in the game

A few years ago, owning a World Legend card was really the desire and desire of every FO3 player. Because in addition to having to deposit a mountain of money, luck is also a very important factor. However, after updating the new version, we can not only own a card, but also have a hand. World Legend team for only 200 million EP or more.

How to earn World Legend cards in FIFA Online 3

If you are not a gamer with rich money and determined to play a vegetarian game, the first thing you need, is hard work, perseverance and then luck, a lot of luck if you want to plow. a card game like in the online football game FO3.

1. Join the team and contribute to the Bank


Like a gamble, but nonetheless guarantees a certain percentage of players to receive World Legend and World Best. Specifically:

  • Join any Team.
  • Contribute regularly 5 million EP to the Bank of the team to receive card packages containing World Legend and World Best.
  • Accumulate these packages.
  • After having in hand a certain number of these card packages. You can open them up and hope luck will smile at you to get the World Legend.

2. Complete daily missions


This is definitely something that no one needs to remind, the coaches still do every day. Just:

  • Participate in competitions and play enough matches.
  • Login both to your computer and mobile phone to receive the gift card accumulation.
  • Or if it is true on the anniversary, there is an event of the game, never miss it, this is a very good chance and the rate of getting your World Legend card will be much higher.

3. Actively trade and exchange players

Player exchange

This is an easier way for you to own at least one World Best card, World Legend. The implementation is also quite simple, we just need to accumulate enough high-value cards, wait for the transaction conditions to launch, depending on the transaction value that each coach performs, the player will receive. different rewards.

Illustration image for a World Legend card.

Legend Card

How to own Euro Legend card in FIFA Online 3 game

Compared to the World Legend cards that are widely available in the game, Euro Legend cards are much HOTter and also much harder to find. During the first time after the version upgrade, players can participate in the weekend events or surprise events of FO3.

Now that the events are over, we still have another way, which is to wait and save to force transactions on the transfer market. Although quite handy, but in return players will need to invest a lot of time in this. Because not only experienced coaches, but even players who are willing to recharge into the game, it is not easy to own a Euro Legend card, saving now is essential.

Sign up for sale

However, not just cards Euro Legend or World Best are valuable cards, but in the online football game FIFA Online 3 there are also cards, other game cards are equally good, even more like that (EC16, Loyal Player…).

Specifically, that is Captain Player card set (CP) – Leader card. These are famous players, are captains of big football teams and are also newly released cards but are attracting a lot of attention from gamers.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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