Tips for playing Moonlighter for newbies

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Moonlighter is an indie game that combines action role-playing and business management. The game is giving away for free on the Epic Games Store system and here are some Moonlighter tips for newbies.

Moonlighter game for everyone

Tips for playing Moonlighter for newbies

Moonlighter is an indie game with not too difficult gameplay, but to be good at this game, not everyone can do it. Taimienphi would like to give some tips to play Moonlighter for newbies in the hope that you can play Moonlighter more easily.

If you don’t have the game yet, please see the instructionsget free games on Epic Store here.

Understanding the loop mechanism

Always remember that Moonlighter is just a game, but its essence is two in one, clearly divided into two phases: day and night. The night phase you will play action role-playing games (Action RPG), explore dungeons, destroy monsters, earn items, get treasure chests, level up. But in the daytime you can play a business simulation game, using the items earned from the night phase to sell for a profit. Manage the store, set the price, please the customers … and then use the money earned there to upgrade weapons and equipment to continue fighting at night.

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This is the mechanism of the reincarnation loop in Moonlighter with two closely linked phases. Understanding this mechanism, you will know what you need to do in each stage to come up with the most reasonable way to play for yourself. People who are not good at business management can focus more on getting things at night quickly, a lot and then selling them in bulk at a cheap price to please customers. People who are not good at action role-playing spend a lot of time and bags on searching for rare items, setting prices right, selling items based on quality, not quantity.

Even if you are a new player, if you clearly grasp the mechanics of the game, you will easily conquer Moonlighter without having to spend too much effort plowing and digging.

How to value money?

If you’re new to the game, you might think that Moonlighter doesn’t have any hints or indications about the value of the item in your hand, but it does. Do not use the built-in evaluation system for the preciousness of each item like other RPG games, for example some games will always evaluate by color or text like Common, Rare, Legendery …

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For Moonlighter, if you look at the catalog in the current area, you’ll see a list of items sorted from the top. What you need to pay attention to is the amount of gold in the upper right of the item list. For example, in the image below you will see a gold coin of 3000, which means that the rarest item in the current area will be worth up to 3000 gold. So to understand, the list of items in all areas is ranked in order from highest to lowest, more valuable items will be at the top and lower value items will be below.

Based on that, if you’ve earned quite a bit of an item in the area you’re currently playing in, you see it at the top of the list, you feel it’s valuable based on the item name for example in the item name have Crystal, King … or it drops from tough monsters, the item will be worth 3000 gold or less, price it around 2800, 2700 … Continue to rely customer satisfaction on that item to change the exchange rate up and down more reasonable. Congratulations, you are ready to be a great trader.

What should I buy first?

When you own a certain amount of money, you will wonder how to use this money, where to spend it first, what to buy first? The basic rule of some similar management games would be to prioritize upgrading your town, village, city, shop as soon as you can. In Moonlighter, town upgrades will often go beyond your early game earnings, so make your store upgrades first.

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Prioritize expanding the shop at the top to have more space to store items. A number of upgrade options will help you increase your income per item sold, please prioritize these options first. In addition, upgrade options such as beds to increase recovery, chests to increase the number of items should also be considered to upgrade first because they greatly support the plowing process at night. . Then consider unlocking and upgrading the forge in town, which will let you forge weapons and equipment, the most important items to have when traveling the dungeons.

What weapons and equipment should be used?

By unlocking the forge mentioned above, you can make and upgrade your own weapons. But prioritizing which weapon to use is important because you can only equip up to 2 weapons when exploring dungeons. Instead of trying to focus on the two most powerful weapons possible, use a combination for many situations. You should combine using a melee weapon with a ranged weapon, for example sword for melee and bow for long range. The spear is also a pretty good choice when it comes to both close-range melee and medium ranged combat. Unlocking the first weapon of each type is quite cheap, so you can completely experiment with pairing to find the way that works best for you.

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When you have more experience, notice in the list of weapons at the smithy, some weapons will need special materials to craft, put it in the list of weapons you want to own and try By earning special materials to make this weapon, you will become a lot more powerful and easily get through the first dungeon very quickly.

The more you play, the deeper you dig, and you will find the world in Moonlighter continues to expand for you with more and more interesting things to explore. The following three bullet points summarize what you need to remember and follow.

– The bottom of the dungeon is not always the bottom, watch out for the glittering holes, that could be the way to the next bottom of the dungeon.

– Curses will begin to appear to damage your items, please re-stock items at the warehouse locations as soon as possible to avoid future property damage.

– Sales is uncompromising, even if the customer is king, don’t be too lenient with all of them. If you see a customer fiddling with your item without intending to pay, immediately run to stop it, let that person understand who is the owner here.
Hopefully through some of the above tips, you can start a new loop for yourself when you come to the game Moonlighter. Wish you have fun playing the game.

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