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Pikachu is a classic matching game, with simple gameplay, no internet connection required, so many people choose to play in their spare time. You just need to connect the same Pikachu pair, so that the lines are no more than 3 folds to eat points. Since its launch until now, it has always been an office game that attracts a large number of players.

When playing the game Pikachu, you are given 10 lives, the number of lives will be deducted when there is only a single identical pair on the screen. It sounds like a lot if you listen to 10 networks, but if you are subjective, you will lose your life before conquering all the levels.

To play a game with high scores Pikachu is not easy at all, it requires you to calculate and skillfully choose your moves, fast hands, fast eyes. At the same time, learn some more tips to accumulate more experience for yourself. So invite you to refer to the article below to quickly conquer this classic Pikachu game!

The secret to playing the game Pikachu gets high scores

General observation:

When you start playing the game Pikachu, you take a quick glance, to remember the location of the Pikachu. Then, quickly quickly find the same pair of pictures without spending too much time. Admittedly, when looking at the game you are prone to dizziness, even though that pair of Pikachu is easy to see, you still can’t see it.

Pikachu game play interface

Hit each area:

Find the same Pikachu pair by stopping the sequence, eat the same side for all the same Pikachu pairs, then switch to another area you won’t miss any pair of Pikachu. Moreover, doing so will make it easier for you to focus on the observation thanks to the narrowed strike area.

Hit each area for easy viewing

Always keep calm:

After eating all the pairs of Pikachu that were close to each other, it became more difficult to find. At this time, be very calm, quickly observe, observe from near and far away. Let’s focus on looking at a corner and then quickly roll your eyes through nearby areas, just click on the image you see is likely to eat, it’s okay to hurry your henchmen but don’t be changed because you will lose a game. Playing Pikachu game is the most important thing is fast hand, quick eyes and a little calculation is easy to get high scores.

Adjust background music:

The default background music is easy to get players excited about, so if you lose your temper easily, switch the background music to your favorite genre. Otherwise, turn off the background sound for easy focus.

Adjust screen lights:

Adjusting the screen light to suit your eyes, will help you avoid eye strain, quickly find the pair of Pikachu more similar. Or when your eyes are tired, look out for a moment and then back at the screen.

How to fix Runtime error 70 when playing Pikachu

When playing Pikachu for a while, the background music stops and an error appears “Run-time error 70” and get out of the game. So when I encounter this error, how do I continue to play the game? How to prepare?

Run-time error 70 while playing Pikachu

To fix this, open the game Pikachu again, click Second menu, select the first line to turn off background music. You can rest assured that the background music is turned off, but the sound when you click and eat points is still there so it does not affect the attractiveness!

Fix Pikachu error

Hopefully the above article will help you break the Pikachu game record, quickly reach the top 1 to show off your talent to everyone. Wish you have fun playing the game!

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