Stream game Arena of Valor from your phone to Garena

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Feature Live on Garena allows players to stream games directly from their phones to Garena to share with friends and other players that are widely used. This is a new feature added to the Garena app on the phone, however, not all games can be streamed, but only certain games are supported with this feature, for example Arena of Valor.

Job stream games on your phone Currently no stranger to gamers, this is not only a habit but has become a trend and hobby of many people. Because of the simplicity, stream mobile games Not only help players show their level in the game, but also how they show off their skills to others, or simply just a basic game guide.

Live Stream game to Garena from your phone

If you are in need and want to show others your capabilities in the game (which is specifically Arena of Valor game), you can refer to this article.


first. Your phone has Garena installed (latest version, or can be updated if your version does not have this feature).

2. Available pre-installed game League of Legends Mobile:

Step 1: You launch the application to support playing games and stream this game on your device, then log in Garena account as usual.

Step 2: In the main interface of the application, you swipe the screen to the left and select the item LIVE (red) below, then continue touching camera icon to begin the setup for the game stream to Garena.

Main interfaceLIVE

Step 3: Reset Channel Name and select the game below to stream, then enter Begin to perform. If you want, you can too Copy link to Share with friends follow the direct link.

To nameBegin
Setting up a stream channel on Gas Garena

Step 4: When the process stream game Starting, players will have about 5 seconds to monitor the stream screen, set up to use the camera or microphone according to their discretion.

Start live

After that 5 seconds is over, the stream icons will disappear.

Enter the game

Instead of avatar icon Garena account will appear, with the number of people watching your channel.

Garena avatar icon

During the stream, if you want to check whether your video is broadcast or not, you can exit the main interface of Garena and watch in the game section. Arena of valor to see.


If you want to stop streaming, just tap camera icon Again, when a small message pops up, are you sure you want to stop the streaming stream? Choose Continue to stream or Stop to finish the process. And touch on OK I understand To confirm.

Stop streaming games on Garena

That is the whole process of streaming Arena of Valor games to Garena from Android phones, although simpler than streaming games from a computer to Garena, but in fact, not many people notice or know how to do things. this. Currently the iOS operating system does not support this feature and even on Android can not stream any game, so we will together hope everything will be quickly updated by the Garena publisher.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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