How to download and play the game Candy Crush Saga on the computer

Candy 650 - Emergenceingame

There is a way for game enthusiasts Facebook in general and the game Candy Crush Saga in particular can be played on the computer without downloading the game or logging in Facebook account That is Gameroom – a new Facebook application. Facebook Gameroom allows users to play all games on Facebook and other games on the computer application without having to play directly on the web or in their Facebook account.

Normally, to be able to play the game Candy Crush Saga, players are forced to play on mobile phones, on other mobile devices or play directly on Facebook. However, now we have a much more convenient way to play on our computer without even using emulators.

Download Gameroom for your computer

Is a famous candy game on mobile and in top 10 best games of all timeIn addition to being able to use the APK file to install on an emulator or play on the web, this game can now be played directly on the computer like a regular application.

Step 1: You log into your Facebook account, then enter the keyword is the name of the game in the search bar, then select the corresponding results in the list that appears.


Step 2: Left click Continue as …


Step 3: Instead of playing interface Candy Crush Saga on Facebook As before, you will see this social networking site introduce and ask users to download your new application (Gameroom) to your computer.

Left click Free to install to begin. This application can be fully compatible with all Windows operating systems that are on the market today (from Windows 7 and up).


Step 4: A message like the following appears, and there will be an installation file sent to your computer.


Find a save location and name the file as usual before Save again.


Play the game Candy Crush Saga on the computer with Gameroom

Step 1: Access to the folder containing the downloaded file above, double left click on the file to set up the installation.

Installation file

Step 2: Choose Tremor in the first window.


Immediately the interface of Facebook Gameroom appears, you can Start to visit to see the manual of this software or Skip to visit to play the game too.

Skip to instructions
The main interface of the Gameroom software

Step 3: This is the main interface of Gameroom, left-click on the game you want to play in the displayed list.

Game list

You wait about 5-10 minutes for the installation to complete, then click Play to start playing game.

Waiting time for the first game to download will be quite long

So you guys already know another way to be able to download and play the game Candy Crush Saga on the computer after stressful study and work hours.


Wish you all success!

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