5 exciting features in the Fiery Summer of Crossfire Legends

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The Fiery Summer update gives players 4 new game modes, with many new maps as well as boss spins. But not stopping there, this update also has 5 other “mysterious” features that are equally attractive, bringing a very interesting experience to this exciting summer. Invite you to take a look at these 5 hidden features:

5 mysterious features in the Fiery Summer of Crossfire Legends

Change avatar

With a colorful avatar stock, this Fire Summer update allows players to freely change their avatar according to their preferences, replacing the familiar guy Blade. Just click on the section Personal information, click Set up Avatar, then select your favorite avatar and tap Agree is done.

Change avatar

Installment shop

The installment payment feature helps gamers have more opportunities to own a permanent weapon. If you do not have enough Gems to buy weapons, players can pay in installments, when completing 3 payments, the weapon will belong to you forever. This is a feature that is expected by many gamers. There are many types of weapons in Installment shop For you to choose freely, just click Detail You will know more information about that weapon.

Installment shop

Here, you will find information about that weapon’s installment payment.

Installment details

Headshot increases the rate of getting Gem

In this Fire Summer update, gamers have an additional chance to get Gems for free. In addition to completing daily tasks to receive 40 Gem, each time the successful target Headshot will receive 1 Gem, up to 15 Gem / day. Just work hard, soon your Gem volume will skyrocket.


Exchange redundant weapons for GP

The feature of exchanging redundant weapons for GP is the feature most gamers look forward to, this is an opportunity for gamers to clean up their inventory. There are weapons that can never be used. Now, you can bring all unused weapons, duplicate weapons, redundant weapons for GP easily. Just press the button Withdrawal is getting GP.

Exchange redundant weapons for GP

Free Gem and GP spins

After a certain amount of time, players can spin the Gem spins and free GP spins 1 time. Just watch the time and you have more opportunities to buy a genuine gun. Isn’t that great?

Gem rotation
Free Gem Spins.

GP rotation
Free GP spins.

Let’s update to version Fiery Summer to experience these fascinating features with this extreme shooter Crossfire Legends!

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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