Tips and tricks for playing AFK Arena

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The AFK Arena takes you into fierce PvP arenas, confronting powerful enemies, a series of bounty hunting missions, and a variety of battle modes. Before starting to step into conquering all challenges, you should equip yourself with useful AFK Arena playing tips and tricks that shares right here.

Goal of the Arena AFK Arena is to develop the most powerful squad to explore as many dungeons as possible. When you get stuck at a certain stage in the game, you will have to spend time upgrading your team and equipping or summoning more heroes to help you confront stronger enemies later on. It’s easy to say but difficult to do. Therefore, in this article sharing tips and tricks for playing AFK Arena, will answer some of the questions you may have in your adventure journey.

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Tips and tricks to play the most effective AFK Arena

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I – Some frequently asked questions when playing AFK Arena

1. How do I reset a hero that I accidentally upgraded/retire?

meow and lose the game in the afk arena

In Ranhorn, there is a building called Rickety Cart, where you can reset your main squad’s level to regain previously invested resources, as well as for heroes you don’t need to retire.

2. Stuck at level X, what should I do?

Unfortunately, we are all likely to get stuck at some level in the AFK Arena, but there are a few ways to overcome it, which are:

– Enhance equipment through the Heroes menu, simply by clicking on one of your heroes and then on the item type you want to power up, press the button Enhance.

– Changing formations, sometimes even switching some heroes and trying a few times can help you overcome the challenge.

– Summon and evolve heroes. Being able to strengthen heroes through evolution is a good way to use summoned heroes to improve your main squad.

– Sometimes when everything else has been tried, you’ll just have to wait and gather resources with the AFK chest. It’s important not to get discouraged.

3. How to evolve heroes?

Heroes are evolved using the Temple of Ascension in Ranhorn. Here is an example image for how to evolve heroes in the AFK Arena.

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4. How to get more diamonds?

Diamonds are the premium currency used in AFK Arena and the main way to get diamonds is through buying them, but if you’re a player who doesn’t want to pour real money into the game, there are still some free ways to get them. get these precious diamonds.

– Bounties – Some bounty hunts award diamonds based on difficulty, so keep an eye out for these.

– Labyrinth – Labyrinth rewards those who complete 1 of 3 floors. Level 1 with 50 diamonds, Level 2 with 100 diamonds and Level 3 with 200 diamonds.

– Complete mission – Players earn diamonds during game play. When completing specific milestones in the campaign mission, you will receive a different number of diamonds. Make sure you read the task notes carefully. In addition, you also earn diamonds for completing specific milestones in daily and weekly missions.

– Arena Rewards – Each day, your rank in the arena will determine the number of free diamonds you will receive for that day, with a larger number than the reward given at the end of each season.

– King’s Tower – Completing each stage of King’s Tower rewards you with a small amount of diamonds.

– Peaks of Time – Specific chests in the Peaks of Time adventure puzzle will give you a certain number of diamonds when opening them.

– Event – Lilith will send diamond bonus events from time to time. Don’t miss them.

– Subscribe to each AFK Arena social network to get 50 diamonds each time.

5. How to get Dura’s tears

Dura’s Tear is a reward for reaching milestones 20, 60 and 100 of the weekly quest and sometimes as an event reward. Dura’s Tear is used to restore the health and energy of the team inside the Labyrinth.

II – AFK Arena game tips you need to know

1. Use gems for special deals

meow and lose the game in afk arena

Don’t buy equipment or dust with gems because you will get these eventually. Purple stones are very valuable, use them to buy special offers that the game has to offer.

2. Buy daily dust deals with gold in the shop

Dust is important so it’s better to hoard them so you can keep leveling up your hero.

3. Get rid of heroes you don’t need

In Ranhorn, there is a building called Rickety Cart. In this building, you can send heroes to the garden, sacrificing them for dust. But keep one hero of each type for bounty hunting until you find that you no longer need them.

4. Earn as many Fast Rewards as you can

How to play afk arena battle?

In case you can get into the game, upgrade your hero and progress the story every few hours, it’s better to save the Fast Reward and collect it near the time of the date change. This will maximize that mechanism. But if you go to the game before bed and the day has changed, and you estimate that with the Fast Reward you can upgrade your heroes enough to get through a few stages, then do it. because in the time you sleep, you will get more than what you think.

5. Level up heroes above their evolution level with Resonating Crystal

afk arena game don

For example, if you focus on leveling up heroes at Epic+ and all are above level 101 then every Epic hero in Resonating Crystal will have that level. For example, this way you can level up an Epic Brutus to level 141.

6. Don’t evolve heroes you don’t use

It’s better to keep them until you’re sure you don’t need them anymore. Do your research before weeding out any heroes if you don’t have a clear idea of ​​what you’re doing.

7. In Arcane Labyrinth, focus on health and energy

It is better to have a strong and strong squad, and pass the battles without losing any members. To fight in the game, you can apply the following trick: if you find the fight is not going as you want, press the pause button and exit the fight. The fight will be canceled and you can try again without losing anything. You can also refer to some The strongest squad in the AFK Arena to prepare for battle.

This is a way to experiment and find the best way to win without losing. The rune that traps enemies in a spider’s web at the beginning of the game doesn’t sound very good in the description, but it is actually one of the best legendary runes ever. If you find Nemora and don’t have her yet, choose her. Nemora is the best hero to have in the lab by possessing the ability to heal. Khasos is also good at level 61 or higher because the character restores your team’s health.

8. Be patient

This game is very slow. After you’ve joined the arena, quests, clan hunts…, you don’t have much left to do. In the early days you can enter the game after a few hours because you will need less resources to upgrade your hero and you can progress the story with a few chapters every few hours, but after 1 month, you may need almost a week to get through a period. So sit down and relax. You have done very well already.
Above is an article about tips and tricks to play AFK Arena for new players with the best effect. In addition, you can also receive additional rewards through the game’s Code redemption. Refer Code of the arena game AFK Arena the latest to receive for yourself attractive gifts.

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