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PUBG Mobile: Combining the easiest guns in the game

The PUBG survival game series is still widely involved in both PC and Mobile versions, you also know that every type of action game has one thing that makes gamers most interested in. Gun type in the game, it must be said that this is the most important point gamers care about every time they enter the battle.

As you know, the PC version PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has moved the guns in this version to PUBG Mobile version, so those who are familiar with the guns on the PC version will use it very well and Sure the pros and cons of the guns in the statistics table below, but for those who are new to PUBG Mobile version, this will be a great help that you can not ignore, let’s Download .vn find out what support we have when we first enter the game.

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Summary of the easiest guns to use in PUBG Mobile

1. UMP9

Let’s go to the submachine gun line first, the first is the UMP9 with the original name UMP45 and is short for the Universale Maschinenpisstole, a home product Heckler & Koch famously, the UMP is believed to be the successor to the MP5, though both are still being used by police units to this day.

The advantage of this gun line is that it is light weight, not too cumbersome to carry, so it is easy to escape, one more thing is the high rate of fire and fast reload time, plus high accuracy that makes gamers easy to use this gun even when holding the hand for the first time. However, its disadvantage is its weak power and if the opponent is equipped with Lv3 Hat and Lv3 Armor, it takes up to 3 bullets in the head and 10 shots on the body to defeat the opponent, but it is so weak. Combined with fast firing speed, it is not too difficult for you to defeat the enemy.

PUBG Mobile

2. Thompson (Tommy Gun)

Belonging to the veterans on the modern battlefield, instead of entering the museum, Tommy Gun is still placed on the map of PUBG because of the great advantages that many enemies fear with those who use this gun. , with an abundant amount of ammo plus an extremely fast rate of fire with a decent amount of damage has shown us the greatness of this “old man” on the battlefield.

However, there are a few disadvantages that prevent gamers from using the weight, although not too heavy, but with an SMG, it is not suitable for running and seems not flexible when it is quite cumbersome to carry. . But in general, with its advantages, it’s still an easy-to-use gun for beginners.

PUBG Mobile

3. Scar L (Scar Light)

A symbol of perfection, is the horror of many gamers because the rate of fire, damage and stability are all good, its main advantages are light weight, high damage and ammo. Stability will help gamers easily take the enemy’s life, the amount of ammo you will have to give gamers when wearing armor is 3 with Lv3 Hat and 6 with Lv3 Armor.

However, it is not without drawbacks, even the smallest will also cause a disadvantage for gamers to use, the only downside is that it is not effective if at a long distance, if you used at too far away from the enemy should be reconsidered, but with the advantages mentioned above, it is still an easy-to-use gun for newbies entering the game.

PUBG Mobile

4. K98k

Given the age that this gun has, it should be in the antique collection of the oldest guns, or also in a museum long ago, but, it has great advantages. The descendants in the sniper rifle line do not have, with extremely high precision, compact design with dangerous power that makes the enemy only need to take 1 shot to get another screen. .

The advantage is so great but we still have to mention its downsides, perhaps its only downside is its lack of rate of fire and having to load bullets one by one, this is a point that it doesn’t match. modern guns are now, so if you want to use this gun without fear of being bullied go with a Thompson, plus it’s very rare and rare so this is also a downside of it’s in the game.

With K98k’s damage, without Lv3 Helm, you only need 1 hit in the head to kill the enemy, and with Lv3 armor you will need 3 bullets on you to take down the enemy.

PUBG Mobile

5. M249

This light machine gun line is also considered a gun that new players can choose, with strong power, a lot of ammunition, gamers can easily take the enemy’s life in the blink of an eye, especially when possible. equipped with a close-range sight, its downside is probably the weight, with the weight close to the sniper rifle, not to mention the 100-bullet cartridge attached, the M249 is definitely suitable for defense rather than attack, And if used in the last circle, it is difficult for any enemy to escape the damage of M249.

PUBG Mobile

6. S686

A perfect close-range killer for those who use it, belonging to the shotgun series, so the S686 can destroy all enemies at close range, with the advantage of power, compactness, just 1 shot if against For humans to be bare, and for Lv3 armor, you only need 2 bullets to give your enemies green, it is advisable to use them when fighting indoors, or in narrow areas to get the best effect. .

The downside of this gun is that everyone knows it is the small amount of ammunition and long reload time, in addition to the effective range, it cannot be far, choose depending on your situation to use it.

PUBG Mobile

7. R1895

Finally, this little guy, although it is a line of pistols and only uses secondary, but R1895 has the advantage that damage is equal to the assault rifles, so many people use it as a secondary gun for equipment. For me, if your opponent uses Lv3 Hats, you will need 2 bullets accurately in the head to defeat, while with Lv3 armor, you will need 5 bullets to send the enemy off.

The downside of R1895 is probably the number of bullets because there are only 7 bullets in 1 box, but its power still attracts new gamers to enter the game and even experienced gamers.

PUBG Mobile

Those are the guns that you should use if you are new to PUBG Mobile, to be able to play well and earn the most kills, you need to master and learn more about the types of guns in the game, if If you love the game Rules Of Survival, please refer to the article TOP easy-to-play and easy-to-win weapons in Rules Of Survival.

Hopefully the article will help you when participating in the battle of death and death on PUBG Mobile.

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