Summary of giftcode and how to enter Heroes Legend code

Giftcode Heroes Legend 700 - Emergenceingame

Heroes Legend is a card-based tactical role-playing game with a character design quite similar to the DOTA game. The following article will summarize the giftcode as well as how to enter the Heroes Legend code for gamers who love this game.

Giftcode Heroes Legend 700 - Emergenceingame

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Summary of giftcode and how to enter Heroes Legend code

Although the character design is similar to the Dota moba game, Heroes Legend allows the generals to evolve to help change their appearance and stats. Players will lead their squad to conquer extras, quests and even PVP with other players that are extremely interesting.

Giftcode Heroes Legend

Here are some giftcodes that gamers can use right away. Each code will provide 300 Diamonds, 300,000 Gold, 10 Medium EXP Pots, 10 Blue Runes, 50 Raid Tickets. Sometimes they have an extra Giftbox containing random gifts.

  • NOTN0308
  • ABCD2707
  • MALX2007
  • BFSA1307
  • ERWU0607
  • KATA0629
  • ALCH0622
  • CROS0615
  • ANCI0608
  • DEMN0601
  • DOKA2505
  • POZO1805
  • ADEL1105
  • THRA0405
  • HL300415
  • ABAD2704
  • GIOTO03102021
  • ALCH2004
  • BLAA1304
  • WYVE0604
  • CHIP3030
  • CHIP2303
  • PINK1603
  • NVNS0903
  • NATR0203
  • FREY2302

In addition, gamers can also follow the game’s fanpage to receive more event codes and other weekly codes.

How to enter the code Heroes Legend

To enter the Heroes Legend code is also very simple, follow the steps below in turn:

  • Step 1: Log in to the game. On the main screen, click on your avatar in the upper corner of the screen to enter the section Your Profile.
  • Step 2: In the Your Profile section, click on the Settings button .
  • Step 3: Click the . button again Giftcode then enter the giftcode in the empty box and press the button Confirm To confirm.

Giftcode Heroes Legend 2 - Emergenceingame

After successfully entering the code, the reward will be sent to the player’s account.

Wishing you success!

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