What is L COIN PUBG Lite? How to get L COIN PUBG Lite?

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Along with the launch of the Open Beta version a few days ago, PUBG Lite brings gamers a brand new 4vs4 game mode, Lite Pass and L-COIN virtual currency system. Using this new currency, players can purchase exclusive items and Lite Pass from the in-game Shop.

As noted above, L-COIN is a new virtual currency unit appearing in the Open Beta version of the PUBG Lite game, users can use them to perform trading and trading methods for this currency, if you have If we know Bitcoin, we don’t need to explain more about virtual money, right?

How can I get pubg lite coin?

New currency appears in PUBG Lite

How to get L-COIN?

Unlike Battle Points (BP) that can be earned through matches or doing quests, players who want to own L-COIN can only through real money, real money to buy L-COIN PUBG Lite is the method. the only way for you to get them.

How to check the amount of L-COIN PUBG Lite?

Gamers can see the amount of L-COIN they own or currently have at the Launcher lobby in the game. At the Launcher launcher, the amount of L-COIN will be displayed in the top bar, located next to your Email account or right next to the Setting section of the game system as shown below.

how can l coin pubg lite 2

The amount of L-COIN will be displayed in the top bar, next to your email.

You can also click the Settings button with the gear icon to check what you’ve bought or used (aka Purchase History). During the game, you can check your L-COIN in the top right corner of the lobby screen.

how can l coin pubg lite 3
You can check your L-COIN on the top right of the screen in the lobby

How to use L-COIN?

Inside the game’s Shop, select the item you want to buy, select the quantity to buy, and click confirm. If you have enough L-COIN, a confirmation message about the purchase will be popped up. Some items after purchase will go directly to your character inventory, others will be used immediately after purchase, so be sure to check the item before making a purchase.

how can l coin pubg lite 4
A confirmation requesting the purchase will appear

How to buy L-COIN PUBG Lite?

To buy L-COIN, players should directly click on the white plus icon right next to the L-COIN amount in the Lobby. Then follow the instructions of the system and fill in your personal payment information to buy L-COIN. Note that there may be a delay when purchasing L-COIN, so please wait patiently.

How can I get pubg lite coin 5
Click on the plus icon to buy L-COIN

So, you and Taimienphi have just found out what L-COIN PUBG Lite is? How to get L-COIN PUBG Lite? Hopefully, the above article will help you understand more about this virtual currency in the survival game PUBG Lite. You can also use L-COIN to buy LITE Pass, PUBG Lite’s seasonal mission system. To learn more about this feature, please refer to the article Things to know about PUBG LITE Pass ours, about how they count and how they function.

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