Teamfight Tactics: How to equip items accordingly?

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When participating in the Arena of Truth, through each round with monsters, the player will receive one or more items, these items are used to equip champion units on the board, helping them improve and increase their quality or Optimized the amount of damage dealt.

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Here are a few quick suggestions to help Teamfight Tactics players get the most out of their items, choosing equipment for the champions that appear on the table, giving you a better chance of winning each match.

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The right equipment will help the player win

Tips and tricks for equipping items in the Teamfight Tactics

– Using Carousel as an item selection tool is one of the most effective ways today. Even if you don’t necessarily need a champion but they are already equipped with an important item before you make your selection, don’t be afraid to sell them. The item items will fly into your inventory and you will also get a little bonus.

– Some champions deal physical damage, while others deal magic damage. It is important that you avoid equipping AD items to AP champions and vice versa. Sometimes it can be beneficial or selling them you will get the item back, but be careful.

– Remember you can equip up to three complete items to a champion. With an outfit like that, we recommend equipping or pairing one of the big damage items as quickly as possible, which is very useful in the beginning.

– The champions you use at the start of each round can be a valuable add-on, especially if you don’t upgrade them at all or choose not to build a line-up around them and should be sold. . If that champion is being added to the field as a supplement to strengthen a stronger member, consider selling them for the greater good.

– Rapid Fire Cannon is a high damage boost item with double attack range, increased AD and attack speed. While it’s suitable for the likes of Draven, Vayne, and Ashe, it’s also highly effective against melee champions. We tested it on Nidalee and she can even attack enemies across the board in cougar form.

– For ranged damage dealers, we recommend the BF Sword item recipe.

– For Knights, we recommend Giant’s Belt, Chainmail item, or Negatron’s cloak recipe.

– For magic characters, the Needless Large Rod can be incorporated into some very powerful AP items.
As such, we have just brought you a few tips and tricks to equip the Teamfight Tactics item in the most reasonable way, to help you have a better game experience, and to increase your win rate in each game. . In addition to the equipment, you also need to grasp the method Matching Teamfight Tactics League of Legends to be most effective. Hope the above article will help you.

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