VLTK Mobile: Van Hoa reincarnated, he was a stir

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An effective factor to help the Tho sect raise its prestige

Legend has it that Van Hoa was founded in a mountain valley in the mountains of Qinling. Van Hoa Coc is known as the most elegant place in the world, gathering many strange mutants, forming a mysterious sect that is proficient in painting exams, medical treatment. Van Hoa uses Dinh (Pen) as a weapon and is called by the name “confucianism”.

The Wanhua Style possesses a long-range skill set, summoning, and spear

Van Hoa is designed to feature long-range attacks and spears with high destructive power. In addition, there is the ability to summon Water Ink Tiger to help immunize itself from damage and increase attack power on the target. The 20th sect of Vo Lam Truyen Ky Mobile (VLTK Mobile) belongs to the Tho element, the difficulty is rated at 3/5, countering Nga Mi, Thuy Yen, Thien Son and Doan Thi.
Thus, after Wudang, Kunlun and Truong Ca, Van Hoa will be the 4th Tho sect to participate in the Gypsy. If Wudang and Kunlun both had a time of “storming” all over the martial arts scene, and Truong Ca was inclined to support, now Van Hoa is famous for its ability to dominate the Water sects. At the same time, thanks to the ability to attack large numbers, Van Hoa is expected to bring many interesting breakthroughs in Guild activities such as Cong Thanh Chien, Territorial War, Famous Generals…

Stun with the ability to summon a tiger in a single note

Van Hoa sect possesses the special skill of the Tiger Association to help summon the Water Mo Tiger, which means using the Judge Pen to draw strokes on paper to imitate the real tiger and attack the opponent. This skill not only helps to show off the elegant painting skills of the disciple Van Hoa, but also doubles the damage and quickly suppresses the opponent with a surprise attack.

Lan Thoi Ngoc Triet – another move in Van Hoa’s skill set

Brief information about the skill set and secret of the new sect in the version of Van Kiem Khai Hoa makes gamers very curious. Players can fully hope that Thuy Mo Ho’s moves will be as powerful as Thuy Yen’s Bao Bao panda or the Five Poisons’ Poisonous hordes.

Stand out with the delicate and elegant appearance of the Confucian sect

According to the initial description, in addition to the impressive skills Van Hoa is also invested in images with two standard male and female styles on a gentle purple background, elegant demeanor. While the female artist Van Hoa stands out with her beautiful and elegant beauty, the male image exudes the romance of Confucianism but still shows the solidity of the macho.

Creating memorable images of the Van Hoa sect

Also in the next update, VLTK Mobile will add the delicate female character Loli Cai Bang. This is one of the factors that bring gamers a lot of novelty and excitement in this version.

VLTK Mobile adds Loli Cai Bang female phenotype in the upcoming update

It is expected that the Van Kiem Khai Hoa version will be released VLTK Mobile community in the next few days. While waiting for the successor of Van Hoa to join martial arts, players can participate in exciting events such as sharing information, receiving free Thien Kiem Order and drawing lucky hexagrams with Van Hoa Bi Bao to collect many items. valuable products in the game. Information about events is posted on the official homepage and fanpage of Martial Arts Mobile.​

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