The War of Glory is the national war game that is destroying the Chinese charts

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Warring States Glory is a card game with the theme of the famous spring and autumn warring states of Chinese history. For those who are fascinated with the warring states game genre, this continues to be a name worth your experience.


The game gives players the freedom to choose a country, participating in the game players will conquer famous generals of the Spring and Autumn Warring States period such as Me Nguyet, Devil Coc Tu, Ton Tan, or famous historical beauties such as Tay Thi. You will level up their skills to be able to participate in the most intense battles in history. Besides, players also need to come up with strategies, take advantage of the terrain, time … to claim to be the master of the galaxy.


In the game divided into 7 countries such as Qi, Chu, Yen, Han, Zhao, Wei, Qin, 7 countries are in conflict with each other and you are the hope to unify the world, organize the army, and the army of I go to war. Players can go to war on the territory of other countries, kill and kill until the enemy submits. With the occupied lands, players can build trading zones, collect taxes to enrich their country.
In general, the Warring States of Glory still have the characteristics of a national war game Classic, outstanding game with advanced 3D graphics and beautiful character design. The game is now available on Android and iOS platforms, interested readers can download games here.

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