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Epoch Mythology – Bloody with Nordic epic game

Epoch Myths or English name is Titan Siege, is a game developed and published by Storm Totem Chengdu. The game is a product that has been cherished for 8 years, that is, it has been revealed since 2010, but it was not until the beginning of this year that the game entered the experimental phase and received the love of many players. Recently, the publisher announced that the game will enter the closed beta phase on May 18, to prepare for the final completion stages and is expected to be released this year.


As a 3D MMORPG game, it can be seen that this will be a brother version of the legendary MU role-playing game, but the game also has special features for bloodthirsty gamers. Taking the Nordic mythological scene, the game is no longer as flowery as the first half games available on the market, but you will be immersed in a Western-style space interwoven with Norse epic secrets. unexplored, creating a scene of ghostly, devilish but equally beautiful ecstasy. Objectively speaking, the game’s graphics are in the direction of many Korean games when taking this topic.


The game includes 5 character classes for you to choose from such as Mage, Pastor, Taoist, Assassin, character building style imbued with beautiful Norse legend characters. The gameplay system focuses on rich and attractive PK battles.


In addition, the game also includes the gameplay of the National War game genre with a battlefield of 500 people and 400 people, at a fixed time every day, this map will be opened to allow players to join solo battles, each side will be divided equally and participate in the bloody battle, not only normal soldiers but also war elephants, dragons… With a third perspective will help you enjoy a better battle distilled water and feels like watching a sci-fi movie. In addition, during this closed beta, the game will allow players to experiment with many attractive monster and BOSS fighting systems.


Currently, the game is only limited to China and you have to wait a little longer until the game’s official launch date. All the latest information will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com in the near future.

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