Admire the super cool PUBG style keyboard

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Varmilo is a manufacturer specialized in mechanical keyboard from China with extremely attractive designs in the eyes of gamers. Although the price is not light, it is guaranteed that when looking at Varmilo’s keys, everyone will be ecstatic because of the harmony between the style and the typical image of the games in it.

Recently, Varmilo continues to amaze gamers when he has just released a new keyboard set with keycap according to the style standard PUBG. There gamers will see the typical images of the game present on the keyboard, corresponding to each typical mechanism in gameplay.


Seeing this mechanical keyboard model is indeed a big fan of PUBG.. although a few specific details of the game are still missing. For example, instead of a pan, the game’s 4 key is a machete (players can still replace it with 4 bonus keycaps). Or the B key, which carries an extremely important task of changing the firing mode, is also completely ignored. If a little more sensitive, these keyboard models will be more popular with PUBG fans.

Price of keyboard series Varmilo PUBG also quite “missing” when priced from 131 to 169 USD. However, if you have the conditions and are a lover, PUBG, this is absolutely a great choice for you. You can access this address to see keyboard samples.

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