The transformation of Lux Elemental Supreme in League of Legends

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The way to change the appearance of Lux Supreme Nguyen To Su in the League of Legends game is what League of Legends (League of Legends) gamers are looking for the most today. Because as is known, the Elemental Lux has 10 different shapes to choose from. Each of these changes comes with different skills, costumes, weapons, voice, emotions … effects.

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According to “custom”, each year there will be a champion chosen by Riot and designed for “ultimate item”. As Ezreal has “Ultimate Weapon”, Udyr has “Four Souls”, and this year, it is General Lux’s turn with “Ultimate Element”. From 4 main elements are: Water – Fire – Light – Dark, players can combine to create 10 different types of costumes and shapes of Lux.

Female General Lux

Many people think that this is simply a Multi-color package, but if you are observant, you will realize, the Multi-color package requires the player to choose a costume before the game and cannot be changed until the end, but Lux The ultimate element is possible. Not only diverse in appearance (color, style …) but these “ultimate items” also have many different skills and effects, making gamers even have to pay a large price. to own is also no regrets.

How to change the shape of the Elemental Lux

Some points that we need to keep in mind are as follows:

  • The player can change the form of Lux 2 times / match.
  • While using a skill, form changes cannot be made between uses of a skill.
  • The second combo cannot use the previously selected element.

Riot’s rep also said, “Every change is made from Lux collecting elements and being able to evolve twice per battle. The second time will be a combination of the previous two, so , as much as you can see Lux change shape 3 times / battle “.

Elements icons

Here is the “transformation recipe” for Lux that game forums have shared:

Lava = Fire + Nature.
Storm = Fire + Wind.
Fairy = Water + Nature.
Ice = Water + Wind.
Dark = Nature + Wind / Water + Fire.

Some pictures of the ultimate Elemental Lux in the game:

Lux figures

When Lux uses her skills.

Lux's skill

Dark Lux with a dark purple outfit.

Dark Lux

In contrast to Light Lux’s outfit.

Light Lux

Magma Lux is easy to see with her “fire” colored outfit.

Lava Lux

While Lux Storm To looks quite “gentle” in white and blue clothes.

Storm Lux

Each shape, Elementalist Lux has different characteristics, skills, even lines. The article may lack many details, if possible, why don’t you provide and add more for the writer and other players to know?

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