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Mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our lives, and so has the idea of ​​playing games on it. Mobile multiplayer games are gaining popularity, with many people all over the world playing games together. You just need to look at the popularity of the Pokémon Go It is now known that people use their phones to play games as much as they do to make phone calls.

But what if you do not have an Internet connection, but still want to kill time with many games with your friends? Luckily, there are plenty of multiplayer games for Android that you can play offline and these are the top 7 best multiplayer games for Android that you can play offline with your friends.

Modes of offline multiplayer game play

These games will use one or more methods to connect multiple players in the same game:

  • WIFI: Sounds inconsistent, like the Wi-Fi connection is often associated with the Internet. However, these games use the Wi-Fi local area network to allow others to connect to it, not the Internet. Even if the router doesn’t have Internet access, you can still use it to play games with other people on the same network.
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth is useful for pairing devices, and some games use its function to let the devices play games together.
  • A device: Meaning multiple players can play on one phone or tablet at the same time.
  • Transferring one device back and forth: This means that multiple players can play on a single phone or tablet but turn the device back and forth.

1. Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Let’s start with one of the great games today, Minecraft and its mobile version is called Minecraft: Pocket Edition. This game was a huge hit on PC and became one of the hot multiplayer games for Android. The combination of exploration, creative building, and combat makes for a great game, and you can play in multiplayer without an Internet connection. Just connect everyone to the same Wi-Fi network and you can start exploring and doing it manually

  • Mode of play: WIFI

Download Minecraft: Pocket Edition for Android

2. Carcassonne


From tablet to phone, Carcassonne is a high ranked board game that you can play as an app. Players take turns to place bricks to create worlds in which players join. This includes setting up roads, adding churches, and even building cities and designing borders. Players place “meeples” on their buildings to get to work and earn points. The person with the most productive workers wins the game. Carcassonne is a great example of how many traditional high-ranked games reappear as multiplayer games for Android, so if you are a fan of multiplayer then don’t miss the game. This is interesting.

  • Mode of play: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, device transfer.

Download Carcassonne for Android

3. Spaceteam


Want to know how the team work between yourself and your friends? Then check with Spacetem. Spaceteam is a game where people try to keep their spaceships from exploding. Each person has its own individual dashboard to keep the train going, but instructions are split between each person. It’s everyone’s job to forward the instructions they receive and maintain the train for as long as possible, but things can get pretty chaotic.

  • Mode of play: WIFI

Download Spaceteam for Android

4. Chess Free

Chess Free

Sometimes, you don’t want to play anything particularly flashy or new but want to go back to experiencing traditional titles. Then Chess Free is probably the choice you like. It is traditional chess but has some great features, such as a guide that teaches you the ideal moves in many cases and a strong artificial intelligence to take on. But you can still play Chess Free with your friend.

  • Play method: Switch the device back and forth

Download Chess Free for Android

5. Badland


Badland is one of the most powerful multiplayer games for Android in which you control a small jungle creature trying to overcome a series of deadly traps. While you can find plenty of fun playing alone, it also offers a multiplayer mode where people use a single device to control their individual creature. Players race against each other to see who can reach the end of the first race or be the last to resist the onslaught of the trap. With special powers like the ability to resist specific traps and a special copy of yourself to ensure your survival, Badland promises to give players hours of fun and no less stress. .

  • Play method: A device

Download Badland for Android

6. Dual


Dual is a two-player multiplayer game that is ideally played in the same location. This means you sit or stand side by side so the two devices merge into one larger screen. On each player’s screen is a ship, and they control their ship on their own screen while shooting things on other screens.

Dual comes with three game modes. In regime DualBoth players try to shoot each other on opposite screens while also dodging enemy attacks. Regime Deflect Like a soccer game where you toss the ball towards the opponent’s screen and defend your goal. Defend is a cooperative mode where you and your friends fight the enemy.

  • Mode of play: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Download Dual for Android

7. What Am I?

What Am I?

What Am I? Only one device is needed to play, in fact no one touches it. In What Am I ?, you select a desired category to guess the answer, then place the device between your forehead so that everyone around you can see the screen. The game will then display something from the category you have selected and people have to give you hints regarding what is being displayed. You guess as much as possible for the highest score.

  • Mode of play: A device

Download What Am I? for Android

Above are the best multiplayer games for Android that you can play offline with many others. This list just lists 7 out of the many games that offer multiplayer modes on the market, so explore and experience more interesting games for yourself.

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