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The times Thor was defeated miserably in the Marvel universe (P.1)

1. Being punched by Thanos

After appearing in Avengers: Infinity War, the main villain – Thanos has become extremely famous, a lot of news related to this villain has been exploited. And fans also hope to be able to meet Thanos again soon in a new battle with the Avengers. In Comic Infinity Gauntlet (1991), Thanos used the power of his ‘infinite gauntlet’ (Infinity Gauntlet) and turned Thor into a glass statue. At this point, the villain only needed to throw a fist and the whole Thor was shattered.

2. Crushed by Deadpool

Comics Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe remains Marvel’s most controversial comic. Although there are many interesting things, there are also details that are difficult to accept because of the cruelty of the Deadpool character. Originally had “crazy” blood, but in Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe he really got mad, killing all the superheroes in the universe Marvel and even people in other parallel universes. In the end, Deadpool shocked when he stepped out into the real world and … killed the author. At that point, he used Ant-man’s (resizable) Pym particle to magnify Thor’s hammer to its maximum extent. At this time, Thor could not support the terrible weight of the hammer and was also crushed to death by it.


3. Defeat by the White Queen

Thor had a clash with the White Queen in the comics X-Men vs. Arvengers. Early in the battle, Thor had the upper hand when he used the hammer Mjolnir to crush the White Queen in her diamond state. Thinking that this war was coming to an end, who would have thought that the fragments of the White Queen’s body began to attack Thor. Countless diamond shards pierced Thor’s body leaving him completely defeated.

4. Being “eaten on” by Hulk

The fact that ‘Green Giant’ Hulk and ‘Thunder God’ Thor is stronger than who is always a controversial topic in the Marvel fan community. Although these two superheroes have fought each other many times from the comics to the screen, the end result is always reconciliation or being interrupted by others. Actually, in the comics Thor#385 There was already an answer to this question. At the time when Thor was not holding a hammer in his hand, the famous ‘Thunder God’ was thrown back and forth by Hulk as pitifully as a Bowling ball. This battle, Thor was beaten back and forth by Hulk, even insulted by him: “Thor without a hammer is super weak”.

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