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Unbelievable coincidences between the two superhero universes Marvel and DC (P.1)

The two big boys of American Comic are Marvel and DC So far, they have all built their own cinematic universe. Although Marvel started a step earlier and the cinematic universe (MCU) of this firm had a certain scale and was quite successful. But the opponent DC is not weaker, constantly building and developing his universe (DCEU) has so far achieved quite certain results. But in the process, both sides will inevitably have many similarities because they are both films that deeply exploit the superhero theme.

10. Counterattack Armor (XX Buster)

In ‘s movie Marvel, to deal with Hulk, Iron Man created a suit of armor called Hulkbuster, which has tremendous power, only it is capable of resisting the fearsome power of Hulk. Which in DCBatman wanted to fight Super Man, so he also created a suit of armor called Justice Buster to increase his fighting power. Whether it’s Hulkbuster or Justice Buster, both are armor derived from the comics themselves, so it’s hard to say which side copied which, maybe this is just an interesting coincidence between the two universes. film.

9. Steven

Whether Marvel nice DC they all have a familiar name and play a very important role, which is Steve. Captain America’s Marvel whose real name is Steve Rogers and DC then there is the character Steve Trevor – the lover of the superhero Wonder Woman. Both of these people have a lot in common such as: Both are heroes in the world war, moreover, they are extremely righteous and patriotic. They all have blonde hair and handsome faces. Moreover, in the movie, both of them drive sewing machines and choose to be superheroes.

8. “Giant”

It seems that a billionaire who is both rich and peach has become a symbol of superhero alliances. Iron Man’s Marvel and Bat Man’s DC are all investors in their alliance. Both are “giants to support” for the “unprofitable” or “proletarian” members of the group. Moreover, in the movie version, both Iron Man and Bat Man are the characters who formed their alliance.

7. Disciple and Master

This phrase refers to a familiar combination that can be seen in superhero movies from both sides. A young teenager is led by an “old” superhero to go on a quest to save the world. In the recent trailers of DC about blockbusters Justice League, people can see the extremely interesting interactions between the “big boss” Bat Man and the young Flash. Which seems to be quite similar to the previous masterpiece of MarvelSpider-Man: Homecomingin the movie Tony Stark (Iron Man) also plays a role as a teacher, instructing the young Spider-Man student.


6. Monster Squad

DC there is the group Suicide Squad (Suicide Squad), also Marvel there’s Guardians of the Galaxy (Guardians of the Galaxy). Both of these squads are groups that do not follow the principles of traditional superheroes, they have their own distinct personalities. Not only that, it seems that among them there are always members who have problems, if not crazy people are criminals. However, one similarity is that these squads bring a lot of laughter to the audience every time they appear.


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