The Sun: Origin – An immersive hybrid FPS hit Android!

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If you’ve been following Emergenceingame.Com, you’ve probably heard of it The Sun: Origin – game title FPS can be considered as the successor of the series STALKER on Mobile. Bringing a shooting style combined with heavy role-playing, The Sun: Origin pushes gamers on a harsh journey between a post-apocalyptic setting full of mutant monsters and sinister bandits. But it is that “hardcore” that brings a strong attraction to gamers, especially for those who want to enjoy the PC/Console quality on Mobile.

Now after the release time on iOS, The Sun: Origin has officially launched Android and ready for readers to download the game for free right now. All you need to do is navigate to the bottom of the article, click on the “Download” box to start downloading The Sun: Origin.


The context of The Sun: Origin brings gamers back to the time 14 years ago when the sun suddenly released a huge energy source with the destructive power of 200 billion thermonuclear bombs. This release of energy carries radioactive particles flying at 9 million km/h straight down to Earth. Their power blows away human civilization.. throws people back to a time of chaos with no government control. Their radiation transforms living things into bloodthirsty monsters no more. Those who survived were also less fortunate as the few humans who hid underground in time faced severe shortages of water and food. Playing as Raven – one of the soldiers responsible for protecting one of those human communities, gamers will have to journey to the surface and deep into the dangerous area to collect what is left of the world. this death.


Although wearing the outer layer of an FPS title, inside The Sun: Origin is a title RPG exactly. There, gamers will chat and receive quests from a variety of side characters in the game world, go deep into the lairs of mutant monsters and collect extremely valuable items and weapons. With a sense of survival, The Sun not only puts players in a battle with mutants and rogue organizations.. The game there also makes you be careful with environmental factors such as radiation or Supernatural events take place everywhere.


The Sun: Origin can be elusive to many people at first.. but just pay attention to the map system and the mission screen and you are ready to take your first steps in the game. For example, the first task is to find a missing soldier, you just need to click on the map icon in the top right corner, from there move the screen around the character’s location to know the exact point. where is the mission.


Therefore The Sun: Origin Express yourself as a rough diamond that requires gamers to be patient to fully reveal their beauty. If you have not had the opportunity to enjoy this great FPS hybrid RPG on Android (as well as iOS), readers can download the game for free directly here:



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