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Hiding his criminal past but failed, gamers were kicked out of the billion-dollar tournament

Nathan Harris aka “FamedNate”, 23 years old, who represented Kansas City Chiefs to attend the tournament Madden NFL 20 Championship Series with a total prize value of up to 700,000 USD (16.2 billion VND). However, EA just banned Harris from the tournament after his dark past was exposed.


Despite trying to hide, “paper cannot wrap fire”, KCTV5 News channel has just published a story revealing details about Harris’ criminal history. Specifically, in the past, he was accused of sexual blackmail conspiracy and was sentenced to 30 months in prison. According to reports, in 2014, Harris hacked a computer to steal sensitive photos of an underage girl, then threatened to send the photos to the girl’s family if she didn’t proceed. send him more pictures. In addition, Harris is also accused of doing the same thing with four other teenage girls.

This was quickly discovered by EA and immediately kicked Harris’ ass out of the tournament because by law, people who have been convicted of felonies or have committed serious crimes are not allowed to participate in official events of the company. “The nature of the offenses clearly does not align with the ethical values ​​of esports leagues, EA, and even the NFL. We need to take the appropriate action,” the EA representative said in a talk with KCTV5.


In addition to Harris, another player was also removed from Madden NFL 20 Championship Series after his offense was discovered. With this situation, perhaps in the future EA will continue to accelerate the investigation process to avoid players with ethical problems from participating in the tournament, adversely affecting the image of the company.​

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