The series of events for the Lunar New Year 2023 to receive free S+, General, and Quan Huy skins

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Taking advantage of the free time of the Lunar New Year, you can plow through the series of events that Garena has just released for the 2023 Coalition New Year event to receive a lot of cool costumes to the S+ level for free. Detailed information about the series of events on the 1st Lunar New Year of Arena of Valor and how to receive rewards will be detailed by Taimienphi below.

Arena of Valor launches a series of events to celebrate the Lunar New Year 2023 including Sowing hexagrams at the beginning of spring, Exploring tu mi world, Working together to set off firecrackers, Treasures of the fox, God of great wealth, Messengers of the world .. create opportunities for gamers to receive gifts at the beginning of the year. The rewards received will be extremely valuable and only appear in the 2023 Coalition Tet series this season, don’t miss it like Free Fire New Year Event 2023 you..

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List of events for the Lunar New Year 2023 to receive free S+ skins

I. Link to download the latest version of Arena of Valor

– Link to download Android version: Arena of Valor for Android
– Link to download iOS version: Arena of Valor for iPhone

II. Summary of events of the Lunar New Year 2023, the 1st of the Lunar New Year

1. Arena of Valor Tet event 2023 – Sowing hexagrams in early spring

– Time: From January 5 to January 31 and divided into 3 small events:
+ Sowing hexagrams: January 5 to January 24
+ Puzzle: January 5 to January 22
+ Get Heroes: January 22 to January 31

– Reward: Get free Generals, Excellent Papers and discount cards from 999 Quan Huy to 50000 Quan Huy.
How to get reward:
+ Throwing event: Players perform daily login tasks to receive hexagrams. Then use the Hexagram button to receive the hexagram corresponding to the general Arena of Valor and wait for January 22 to get the general from the hexagram in possession.
+ Matching Events: Players perform daily quests and special quests to earn image picks. From the Puzzle turn received, you will be able to choose Alliance generals to form a series of 4 unique champions before 18:00 daily. Then wait for the system to announce the 4 winners at 18:30.

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2. Exploration Event – Get Skin of your choice

– Time: From 11/01 to 25/01/

– Reward: Get a costume of your choice including

+ Xeniel Angel of Destruction

+ Lumburr Lava

+ Enzo Noble qualities

+ Richter Earl

+ Sephera Lady

How to get reward: Players perform the task of receiving Tu Vi. Then use Tu Vi to explore all 6 places in Tu Di Gioi.

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3. Arena of Valor’s New Year event 2023 – Let’s set off firecrackers together

– Time: From January 13 to February 3

– Reward: Get Skins from rank S to rank S+

+ Qi Laville Champion

+ Kim Quy god king

+ Eland’orr Super Detective

+ Arum Talent Management

+ Aleister Basketball superstar

+ Krixi The Rabbit Fairy

+ Hayate Demon Face

+ Kriknak ST.L-162

+ Mganga Cat Mage

+ Quillen Evil spirit demon blade

How to get reward: Choose the costumes and items you want to receive, then do daily quests to receive self-burn and help burn. When burning to specific milestones, players will receive special buffs.

+ Burn the cannon wire to 10, you can use Military Emblem to buy it soon

+ Burn the firecracker to 0, you will receive the gift you chose.

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4. Arena of Valor Lunar New Year Event 2023 – Fox Treasures

Time: From January 14 to January 29

Reward: Get a chest of your choice

+ Veera Black Swan

+ Veres University sister

+ Omega Green Robot

+ Rourke Anchor Octopus Gunner

+ Maloch Radio Evil

– How to receive the reward: Players perform tasks to collect Da Minh Chau, convert Da Minh Chau to Gold. Then use Gold to exchange for a Skins Chest of your choice.

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5. Unique event of God of Wealth – Get Trieu Van God of Fortune

Time: From 16/01 to 23/01

Reward: Trieu Van Than Tai costume, received on January 22, the first day of the Lunar New Year.

– How to receive the reward: Log in every day to open Chapters, when you open all 5 Chapters you will be rewarded.

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6. Falling Messenger Event – Get Celestial Messenger Slimz

Time: From January 22 to February 5.

Reward: SlimZ Skins Messenger of Heaven.

– How to receive rewards: Log in for 10 days.

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The day to receive rewards from the 2023 Arena of Valor Tet series of events is not much, hurry up to join and own yourself exclusive rewards, get free skins of the Lunar New Year 2023, Quan Huy, Discount Card in early spring of the year. 2023.

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