The secret to playing game EverWing scores high

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EverWing continues to storm the Facebook community, everywhere can see people showing off their EverWing achievements. Unfortunately, you are the next player, “plow hoe” forever unable to brighten the score of friends so very “inhibition”. Do not worry with only 4 tips below you will quickly score high after only 3 hours of playing EverWing:

How to play EverWing get high scores quickly

Focus on earning gold

Right from the moment you step into EverWing, you should prioritize plowing the main game mode, shooting continuously to earn lots of gold stored, don’t spend money opening other characters, but save up to level 6 to unlock Lily.

Unlock LilyHigh score

Unlock Lily

Once you reach level 6, remember to unlock Lily too, because she has the ability to double the amount of gold received after each flight. Now, use gold to upgrade Lily to as high a level as possible, then play the main mode a lot to make money.

Character upgrade

To achieve many points you must have a strong firepower, not possessing many characters. You should spend money to upgrade that character to about level 12, 13 for higher damage, stronger. Each level will add 5 damage, the same for all characters.

Join the Boss hunt

When Lily reaches level 10 or above, join Boss hunt to get more gold, and also have the ability to spot rare beasts. Just click on the link to play with friends to find Boss, if there are many people who hunt, eat fast, then hit, even do not give priority to the blood about 3 million poured back.

Choose BossChests

Hope the above article will help you quickly “defeat” friends, proudly showing off achievements to everyone. And if you have just played, you can refer to tips to play EverWing for beginners, to enter the game easier.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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