Top 5 best support League of Wild Rift generals

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Support can be a pretty sensitive position in Wild Rift Alliance while good support may go unnoticed during the battle, but poor support can set teammates on fire. Anyway, supports still play a very important role and have a big influence on the outcome of the match. So what is the best support champion in Wild Rift League?

Just like in League of Legends, the role of the Support general in Wild Rift Alliance is to patronize vulnerable teammates in the early stages of battle and provide support when needed to help others do their jobs effectively. in all stages of the game. Without support, your ADC champion will have a hard time confronting the enemy.

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5 best support names in Wild Rift League

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Of all the Support generals of the Wild Rift Alliance, there are 5 most prominent names and in turn are ranked in the top 5 best support generals of the Wild Rift Alliance. Here is a list of how that character.

Top 5 best support generals in Wild Rift League

5. Alistar

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The 5th place on the list is the Support-Tank general, Alistar. Alistar has great CC, he can stun, knock, and throw his target into the air with Bull Butcher (2) and Crush (1). In addition, Alistar also has the ability Undying (Ultimate), making him stronger and more resistant in teamfights, making him immune to CC and reducing all damage taken for 7 seconds.

4. Braum

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Next is Braum, a Support-Tank champion with great ability to protect teammates. With Ultimate Resilient (3), Braum raises his shield and deflects any attacks in front of him. It’s the perfect skill to protect any ADC. Braum also has Hide Behind Me (2), increasing allies’ defenses, as well as providing CC with Frostbite (1) and Ultimate Ice.

3. Sona

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Sona is a support champion whose mechanics are fairly simple and easy to grasp even for beginners, but can still have a huge impact on the game. Sona has skills to deal massive amounts of damage, heal and protect allies, increase allies’ movement speed, and have the ability to stun enemies with AoE with the ultimate.

2. Seraphine

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Another excellent support in the Wild Rift League is Seraphine, who has a similar skill set to Sona. However, Seraphine can deal more damage than Sona. In addition, Seraphine also has more CC than Sona, from Slow, Root, Stun to Charm with the ability to spread the song (Ultimate). Moreover, Seraphine has a longer attack range with her skills, especially her ultimate. In teamfights, Seraphine can easily use CC against her target since she has a very good AoE.

1. Blitzcrank

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Blitzcrank is the most powerful and effective support champion in Wild Rift, capable of creating unexpected situations, sending opponents to the dead and giving your team a great advantage in the fight. , with Rocket Hand (1), Hook Punch (3) and Energy Shield (Ultimate). The presence of Blitzcrank will put a lot of pressure on the opponent, forcing them to play safe and hesitate in attack.
Above are the top 5 best support generals in Wild Rift that you can choose to protect your allies. Each champion has a different skill set, but they all do their part well in the game. In addition, you can learn more about the best solo jungle champions of League of Legends.

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