The secret to “climbing rank” in New OMG3Q VNG

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Not simply collecting strong generals, New OMG3Q VNG It also makes many gamers “headache” because the combination of existing generals is also an important factor in determining success or failure. In particular, PvP features such as Arena, Unparalleled Arena also attract players’ attention, because they encourage the community to pay attention to update the meta, daily lineup if you don’t want to be outdated compared to other players. play other.

Practice Place – Test for strange formations

First at level 65, the Trial stages will be a place for you to test your squad, train your champions and thereby find the best way to optimize the champions you have. Each area like Quan, Ngo, Thuc, Wei has different Thi Luyen maps, and they are opened at pre-specified times.


You can only use the Martial General of the respective faction to practice only. If using pre-specified generals, will increase all attributes of that Hero by 30%. After successfully passing the stage, you will receive rewards including resources, exclusive equipment with powerful attributes.


An interesting point is that Tan OMG3Q VNG allows gamers to monitor the lineup and review the replays of players who have passed the Test before and thereby create a competitive and competitive atmosphere when each person will try to practice. The most optimal formation to pass the Trial without spending much time.

In addition, with the ability to change generals without limits to countries, you can completely test new – unique – strange formations in the Trial Stage to find yourself the strongest squad when entering real battles. .

Unmatched Arena & Arena – Fierce PvP arena

After training the squad, the competition will be raised to new heights with 2 Arena features and its upgraded version The Unmatched Arena.

In the Arena, you will fight in the form of climbing ranks with the goal of defeating as many opponents as possible, achievements when fighting in these features will be recorded with the highest rank so that at the end of the season can be awarded for players work hard to rank up. Defeat players in higher positions to gain new ranks, and so on until reaching Top 1 in the Arena.


In the Unmatched Arena, you are forced to hold up to 3 squads to fight in the form of BO3 with other players. Just need to win 2 out of 3 matches to be able to win! Cleverly rotating the squad is the top tip that players need to remember in the Unmatched Arena. The difficulty is that you will not be able to freely rotate the lineup between each game, but can only change it after the end of the game. Therefore, a little preparation, reviewing your strategy and formation between each battle is extremely necessary.

It should be remembered that the strength of the squad in New OMG3Q VNG is not in the fighting force, but in whether the player can combine the strength of the generals together. Along with collecting new generals, you also constantly pay attention to and improve the quality of the old general’s strength with Do Giam, Level Up, Star Increase, Level Up….

It is easy to see that these activities not only bring a lot of benefits to players such as gold, silver, or even the strong Red and Kim generals, etc., but also stimulate the ability to change strategies and customize the squad of each player. players, by taking advantage of all the generals they have to combine into the most comprehensive defense pairs possible, because the opponent and you both have the ability to challenge each other. Therefore, building a squad that is only in one direction can make you “underdog” when meeting other players.


In general, Tan OMG3Q VNG brings a lot of interesting competitive activities for players to try. Indeed, when participating in the game, players will feel a “hot” atmosphere, and want to quickly rush into battle!!!

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