The safest way to store Nendoroid Figma for collectors

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Nendoroid care for those of you who have a lot of miscellaneous models and accessories

The safest way to store Nendoroid Figma for collectors

Nendoroids usually come with various accessories in the box, such as 2-3 faces, hands, and other miscellaneous accessories to depict the character’s unique features. But often you won’t be able to display all of these accessories at once, so there will be some leftovers.

Instructions on how to take care of the original Nendoroid model

Putting it back in the Nendoroid box is fine, but if you often change accessories, pose, or have too many models, opening the box often is both easy to tear the box and annoying. Think you have to search for a small piece of plastic in these boxes? How long will it take!

How to Preserve Nendoroids

And here is the solution. These plastic accessory boxes can help you preserve the model as perfectly as possible!

Nendoroid model case

As you can see, the faces of the nendoroids can be neatly placed into individual compartments. The partition can be adjusted according to the size you keep. It’s really perfect for a Nendoroid with so many different large and small accessories included.

Shop Nendoroid model accessories

If you want, you can also use small plastic bags or zip bags to separate painted parts, easy to scratch, in sets… no need to rummage around to find what you need.

Nendoroid model accessories

Model accessory box

You can also use the larger sized box to store the included stand, hair… Especially the accessories for figma models, as they often come with a lot of different hand parts. Just sort it out into small bags and store it in a box like that, so you don’t have to worry about it being lost!

Handy carrying case for the Nendoroid model

Or you can also use a small shelf to store models like this! Such shelves are suitable for models that come with relatively large accessories such as excessively large hair or even such a car!

Nendoroid Game Instructions

Nendoroid Care Instructions

Containers like these can be easily found at stationery stores, bookstores… and cost only a few dozen with all sizes and designs. Just choose the model that suits your needs!

Nendoroid model display

The Nendoroid model is made from ABS and PVC, so placing it in direct sunlight will cause the model to discolor and crack. Therefore, when storing or displaying, it is recommended that you keep the Nendoroid model in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

Wooden shelf displaying Nendoroid Figure model

In addition, if you want to collect a lot of Nendoroid models, you should invest in a glass cabinet or transparent mica cabinet. Their prices are not too expensive, but they are the most effective way to preserve Nendoroids, which can be displayed, decorated, and can be dustproof, and prevent falling!

Nendoroid model display shelf

Nendoroid Model Care Instructions

A unique case that both displays the model and stores accessories in the back.

The above ways can also be applied to Gunpla, 30MM or other models with many small accessories, depending on the size of the model, you can choose between large, small, and different display cases.

how to preserve gundam parts

Hopefully, the above ways of preserving Nendoroids can help those of you who are or are about to enter the model collection path. If you have any other storage tips, don’t hesitate to share them with us nShop Please!

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