The PvP tournament that rewards more than 37 million dong in cash of Nine Yin Chan Kinh officially opens for qualifying registration

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Actually, this is not the first time The Nine Yin Chan Kinh hold such a large-scale single-player PvP tournament. This community of players of this 3D MMORPG has many times participated in the Nine Yin Congress – a playground to honor individuals with outstanding PK skills in the country, even many talented men have been invited by NPH to attend tournaments. international level like CIC or WAC.


However, the Tournament Nine Yin PK Now there is an improvement, not only confirming the mastery but also the combo creativity in PvP of the player Nine Yin Chan Kinh.

Nine Yin PK: no weak martial arts – only bad skills

Allowing the use of more than 60 sets of Bat Phai – Luc An martial arts, this tournament will certainly appear more unique and creative combos than usual. With equipment and non-attribute weapons, players can completely combine martial arts sets that have nothing to do with attributes such as Duong Cuong – Am Nhu, taking damage from hand strength – internal, …

The prize of the tournament is extremely attractive

Also because of the variability, there are so many unexpected factors, that many martial arts are considered weak, and many players keep an eye on them. Even the “popular” martial arts set that anyone can have when entering the game like Tho Thien Cong Phu is a favorite choice when competing.


Thereby, it can be seen that in the world of Nine Yin Chan Kinh, there is no clear measure of strength between martial arts sets. Only players who master the skills, know how to create different combos so that the opponent can’t catch the cards, will have the opportunity to make things happen.

Offline everywhere – brothers gather together

Besides the concern about the PK tournament going into a thrilling phase, Community of the Nine Yin Chan Kinh In recent days, I am actively participating in clan offline events, to bring back the code for you.


The guilds that have “cheek numbers” at the Doc Co Cau Bai server such as Ma Giao, Diep Gia, Cuu Long, etc. are currently actively posting photos and videos offline on the Cuu Am Dong group, and the purpose is not but to show their love. feel the brothers in the guild together, and at the same time propagate and attract more new members in the player community.


It is known that the above large and small offline sessions are in the event Brothers Tuong Phung – Quan Hung Convergence organized by NPH GOSU. The guilds participating in this event in addition to being supported in terms of costs, the number of members participating offline will receive the corresponding guild giftcode. It can be said that, partly through such intimate meetings, the community of 4 million hardcore players across the S-shaped land is showing a close connection that few games on the market can do. .


In short, Nine Yin Chan Kinh is increasingly solid in building the image of a successful 3D MMORPG, from the body – highly competitive PK tournaments, or from the soul – a great connection. great of the hardcore gamer community. And there are many more attractive points that help the swordplay game have a special place in the competitive game market.

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