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Streamer plays weird, self-stimulating to make money to donate

In the world of streaming which is specifically Twitch, there is no shortage of people willing to do anything to make money. Regardless of whether it’s intentional or unintentional, some streamers have actually captured the attention of many by putting themselves in jeopardy. The youth in this article is a prime example.


TheSushiDragon – Twitch streamer recently shocked viewers when he was ready to give electrical stimulation to his body if he received a donation from someone. The use of TENS line (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) practically does not cause serious harm to health, even many people use it as a method to relieve pain but obviously, the manifestation of TheSushiDragon in the livestream shows that he is uncomfortable and in pain.

Not long after that, his livestream was suddenly interrupted midway, the video also disappeared from the platform, although as of the time of writing, this streamer’s channel has not received any ban. There are two theories, one is that the streamer is too painful to continue the challenge, the other is that this behavior violates Twitch’s terms.


In fact, many streamers have been blocked by Twitch for performing self-harm on the airwaves. For example, a streamer who continuously drank alcohol when receiving a donation had to receive a ban from Twitch for a few days. Moreover, TheSushiDragon is also known for doing “weird” things like no other and this electric shock is just one of the craziest ideas he has come up with. In the past, this streamer has surprised viewers by designing a rig of 4 computers, then connecting them to a series of devices that are attached directly to his wrist to see the reaction. how.


Outside game livestream Twitch is also a popular platform for broadcasting a lot of other content. And to be famous, many creators are not afraid to do weird, crazy things, but at the risk of being dangerous, is it worth it?​

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