Evil Geniuses signs a contract with MVP Svenskeren, pledging to repair the LCS “catastrophe”

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Usually, contracting with MVP was a strong enough statement for the upcoming season, EG made headlines when they revealed they would be buying again Svenskeren.

Currently, the team has confirmed their master plan to be able to win at LCS.


CEO of Evil GeniusesNicole LaPointe Jameson introduced herself to new fans in a November 19 video, and revealed that before taking over the LCS franchise, she had experience in reviving failed companies.

This makes her the natural choice to fix the problems for League of Legends North America over the past few years, and claims that Evil Geniuses, led by Svenskeren, is aiming for “World domination”.


Jameson says: “It’s not an easy thing to do, as we’re starting from scratch, but with the brightest elements we’ll come with a master plan.”

“With the acquisition of Svenskeren, MVP of North America, phase one of the master plan has come into effect.”

“Remember: EG doesn’t stop until it’s achieved Dominate the World. Join us, revive the geniuses with us, and join the plan with us as we usher in a new era of LCS.”


The acquisition of three-time LCS champion Svenskeren, and probably best gamer in the region in the second half of 2019, which is sure to bring success.

Svenskeren has had an outstanding history of success in LoL, topping the EU LCS season with SK Gaming in Spring 2014 and Spring 2015. The team also finished second behind Fnatic in Summer 2014, following a 3-1 loss in the final.


Jungler Denmark accepted a major transfer deal with Team SoloMid, and joined a large roster of the LCS.

That lineup turned North America into a storm, as they swept three championships in a row. Svenskeren’s first LCS season came close to ending undefeated, with a loss to Phoenix1.

Svenskeren made the move to Cloud9 ahead of the 2018 season, after consecutive 9th-12th place finishes at the World Championships in the US and China that saw the TSM owner blow away the winning roster. .

According to sources, jungle position of Svenskeren in Cloud9 will be replaced by Robert Huang (Blaber), with whom the European star spent time on stage during his two-year tenure with the team.



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