The pigeon dating game Hatoful Boyfriend is about to be removed from many platforms

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One of the weirdest games in the gaming world is definitely Hatoful Boyfriend. As the only girl left on Earth, you have no choice but to join the school of pigeons to find the true love of your life.


Dating birds, the idea sounds monstrous, silly, but it is the novelty that is the reason why Hatoful Boyfriend attracts many players. Funny but also not lacking in meaningful details, Hatoful Boyfriend is like a differentiating point between a whole series of crazy killing gun experiences. However, despite the love of fans, Hatoful Boyfriend and its sequel Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star will no longer be available on some platforms such as iOS, Android and PSN Store from this coming June. . Those who have previously purchased games on these platforms will still be able to play the game, but will not receive any future updates.


The reason behind this incident is that the contract between the development studio and the publisher Hatoful Boyfriend is coming to an end. Currently, if you want to play the game, you can only buy the PC version on Steam. At this time, Hatoful Boyfriend is being sold for about 120,000 VND for the standard version, 165,000 VND for the complete version. This information was posted on Twitter by Moa, one of the first developers of Hatoful Boyfriend. Moa herself does not know if the contract will continue to be extended for Hatoful Boyfriend to return to PSN, iOS or Android in the future.

Hatoful Boyfriend is currently available on Steam for Mac and PC, download link at THIS.

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