“Hot people” before the super sexy fansign of Miss Thien Long Sword 2, Top 30 has been revealed!

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Towards the goal of finding and honoring the pink shadows of Heavenly Dragon Sword 2Since its launch, Great The My Nhan has immediately attracted the attention of the community as well as received a large number of participating beauties. All of them have the power and sweet and charming beauty, outstanding in “Thien Long Sword 2 – PK Community Wins Vip” which has gathered a group of extremely beautiful boys and girls.


As soon as the contest was officially launched, the gamer community joined in the fun before this hot news and “waited for sandals” to be able to enjoy watching the beauties of Thien Long Sword 2. Along with that, many gamers quickly “spotted” her state’s beauties to mobilize forces to prepare now, ready to fight to honor her fellow students in the beauty arena.


Only to know, the female gamers of Thien Long Sword 2 are all pretty and lovely, just like a hot girl. From portraits, shimmering selfies to rustic images, all move people’s hearts.


With the request to post a selfie with the fansign Thien Long Kiem 2, a series of female fans did not hesitate to score the audience when “stamping” on positions that can be considered “quite sensitive”, even… chest again. This makes the race to the Top 30 of the competition more intense and dramatic.


After a stressful “like sentence”, the organizers found the TOP 30 potential faces for the highest position of the contest. Each flower has a different beauty and talent, making the Amazing Beauty contest more challenging and unpredictable than ever. And now, gamers, let’s admire the sweet beauty of TOP 30 Absolute Beauty, as well as quickly vote for your favorite beauties!

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