Blizzard officially confirmed Diablo 4?

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Diablo still stands proudly as a legend of the virtual world in general and ARPG in particular, one of the three “three pillars” that make up the giant’s name Blizzard. The image of a single body roaming the middle of the same class of monsters to receive countless equipment as well as terrible weapons, must have always been deeply imprinted in the minds of fans throughout the past decade.

And to continue that journey, the latest installment of the series is Diablo 4 seems to be being conceived by Blizzard, promising to bring back the Demon Lord’s army of hell. This information leaked through Blizzard’s latest job posting when the giant was recruiting artists for a brand new Diablo project.


The content of the recruitment notice is as follows:


So this message was accidentally confirmed Blizzard is working on a brand new Diablo game and it is almost certainly Diablo 4. Dare I say this because Diablo has never had a spin-off, but only mainstream games that are stretched by open versions. wide only. While the content Diablo 3 has officially ended from the Reaper of Souls version, Diablo 4 will be a much more feasible prediction.

There must still be a while before Diablo 4 Officially announced by Blizzard, but Emergenceingame.Com will continuously monitor the situation to bring readers the most timely information.

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