The new Minecraft update has support for Windows Mixed Reality

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Microsoft has just released Minecraft version 1.2.552.0, which includes support for Windows Mixed Reality. Simply connect any heatset that supports Windows Mixed Reality and you can instantly experience the immersive Minecraft world of VR technology.

Download Minecraft for PC:

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Microsoft has already started rolling out VR technology into Minecraft using Oculus and Gear headsets, but the introduction of the Windows Mixed Reality headset is Microsoft’s attempt to give Windows 10 users access to VR technology. This is because Windows Mixed Reality is designed to support less efficient devices with lower price points, and is easier to set up with tracking sensors available in headsets than standalone ones. .

Minecraft updated

In the update, Minecraft is also integrated with a live streaming service called Mixer, allowing Minecraft players to easily stream without the need for third-party software.

Here is a list of the changes in the new Minecraft update:

  • Added new features like Recipe Book button.
  • Integrated live stream Mixer service.
  • Supports Windows Mixed Reality, and a content rating system to give community members thoughts on their creations.
  • Fix bug causing crash.
  • Edit options.txt again can be used to increase render distance.
  • Fixed some issues with lost blocks and progress loss in world transition.
  • You no longer take damage while walking backwards and placing blocks.
  • Pistons no longer get stuck or break randomly.

Updated: November 22, 2017

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