The neighbor couple “does not share the same sky” so they are married thanks to Audition

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The thrilling love story of the couple Minh Hai and Thu Lan has made gamers in the Prom City community Audition a time going from one surprise to another as well as really believe in the two words “Den Deb”.

Hai and Thu have known each other since childhood because they are neighbors, although they are not “next to the wall” but are also called the same neighborhood. Both of them are the same age, go to the same class, everyone thinks they are young children, but the truth is not like that. The couple spent an extremely violent childhood together with an implacable feud.

Sharing with everyone, the guy Minh Hai recounted: “In those days, I don’t understand why they hated each other, but they still studied together, and the teacher let them sit next to each other for 4 years in middle school. There was a table that I divided in half, if you just let things pass, I would beat them, some days I would break even a meter. . Why at that time I was naive like an idiot, made you cry, I didn’t even apologize. I didn’t have the concept of loving a girl at that time, but I still bullied her every day.”


As time went on, the couple no longer attended the same school in high school, with a tight schedule, so even though their houses were close together, they didn’t have the opportunity to meet each other much. By that time, when they met again, when they were both 22 years old, he was really surprised at the change of the woman at the same table. From here, the boy began to pursue the “flirting” campaign. But it is because the old “eternal feud” is still imprinted in her mind that makes our male gamers fail time and time again.

“Honestly, I was a little bit bummed back then. She talked about the past, she still remembers and doesn’t forget, so she didn’t give me a chance. I didn’t get discouraged by confessing a few times, but I still maintained a friendship.”


Perhaps there will be no flourish for the relationship of the two if one day she doesn’t suddenly ask him if he plays Audition or not. This is also a big turning point in the life of young people.
“Just recently, in 2016, you asked me if I played Audition? I answered yes, but while I gave up Au a long time ago. I asked my friend to come dance with me and then pair up, but I’m still so cocky. How much does it cost me to spend a month on the net to pair it on a ring?


And then whatever comes, the boy’s sincere affection and perseverance finally conquered the girl. Not only with a virtual wedding in the game but a full wedding in real life.

“Thanks to playing Au regularly, she started to have feelings for me to fall in love with. I appreciate what you give me, even though it’s virtual in the game. I have the most fun when playing Au. I told you max ring I’m going to marry and now it’s time for me to fulfill my promise to you.”

Simple happiness when both of them go to the same house

Looking at the love of the couple Minh Hai – Thu Lan, surely many people feel admiration for that beautiful love story. Audition is a strangely cool matchmaker when she can resolve the “olden” feud for a long time to attract the young couple. Or it is also a typical example of the skillful arrangement of fate. No one knows who one day the person who chooses to go with them to the end of their life will be, regardless of whether it is someone who once hated it, a roommate or a neighbor… Because nothing can be predicted. keep loving, keep hating with your true feelings!

Finally, on behalf of Emergenceingame.Com and the community Audition gamer in general, wish Minh Hai and Thu Lan always be happy with their new home!​

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