How to power up in Legendary Campaigns

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Increased warfare for the character in the game Campaign Legend

When playing games, no matter what genre and on what device, we also find that in order to win and overcome challenges, it is necessary to have a combination of two factors “strength and tactics”. Tactics help us to be more flexible and proactive against different opponents, meanwhile, the power to make every challenge and difficulty simpler. It would be very difficult to overcome an entire game without the good combination of these two factors.

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In the previous article, shared with you how to increase the strength of your character by how to upgrade weaponsHowever, that is only a part, we can also upgrade firepower and warfare for our character by upgrading equipment and equipment.

Step 1: You log into the game as usual, then select the item Team.

Power up in the Legendary Campaign gamwe

Step 2: Look at the bottom right of the screen that shows your current strength. Click on Upgrade below to get started.

Character upgrade in the game Campaign Legend

Similar to upgrading weapons, upgrading playing characters also has 5 items: Hats, armor, shirts, shoes and gloves. Each of these items when upgraded will increase a portion of the character’s power.

Interface upgrade


  • Hat: Increases health, defense and critical hit.
  • Armor: Increases health, defense and reload speed.
  • Shirt: Increases health, defense and especially item recovery time in battles.
  • Shoes: Increases health, defense, increased mobility and assists attacks!
  • Gloves: Blood and defense.

helmet upgrade

Each time you upgrade to a new level will cost a larger amount of gold, upgrade different items, the materials needed and costs are also different.

Upgrade each time

The higher the level of the upgrade, the more gold it costs

There are two ways to upgrade these items, they are:

  • Regular upgrades: Upgrades one by one (manual).
  • Quick upgrade: Upgrade once out of available ingredients (automatic).

upgrade gloves

When the quick upgrade is done, it cannot be stopped until the ingredients or gold are run out.

Quickly upgrade gear in Campaigns of Legends

It is not required to upgrade all, however, if you qualify, you should upgrade to your character because the following challenges will always be more difficult. In some cases, weapons or gear when upgraded to the maximum of that level, it will switch to another level.


Shoes are raised to new higher levels

If the upgrade cannot take place, the only reason is due to lack of gold or insufficient ingredients. To add that material, you look at the interface on the right and see the suggestion map to get that material? If there is a lack of gold, please refer to the article guide to earn gold in the game Legendary Campaign!

The strength has increased dramatically

After being upgraded (both character and gun), the character’s strength has increased significantly

With the above instructions, hopefully you have grasped how to do this, this is also one of the necessary methods to have Play Legendary Campaign better.

Wish you all the fun and entertainment!

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